A First Date


Seems like a good place to start.  A greeting.  Our first blog is a bit like a first date, a chance to meet and get to know one another.

Unlike most our idea of a first date is to dive right in, to tell you who we are at the deepest level and see if we fit, to see if another conversation is worth having.

So here’s what we’re up to, and  what matters most to us at the Conscious Leadership Group (CLG).  We call it our mission statement, but that’s just fancy language for what we are doing in the world.

We support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.

Each word in this statement means something important to us.

First, we “support.” By this we mean that something is happening; something radical, transformational, new and compelling. It’s happening. No one individual or group is doing it.  Many are touching it, but no one is leading it.  We see ourselves as supporting what is coming into the world, a bit like how a midwife supports the birth of new life.  A new way of leading and living is being birthed into the world, and our part is to support those embracing that new way.

“Expansion” feels to us like the steady, timely healthy growth of a movement that is changing the game.  Sometimes it looks more like an explosion, eruption, or an eradication of the old, but it is always expanding from one leader to another, from one organization to another.

“Conscious” to us means awake, present, here-now and non-reactive.  If I’m not conscious I’m unconscious, and to be unconscious is to be non-responsive.  Many, many leaders are non-responsive to people circumstances and conditions.  Instead they are reactive.  Because conscious leaders are not living in a triggered state they can be totally present and completely responsive to what the moment requires.

“Leadership” for us is the power of influence.  When I lead I influence.  Leadership for us is not about hierarchy.  Rather it is much more about authenticity.  Great leaders in this new movement are deeply authentic and impeccably aligned.   Authentic means that what is on the inside matches what is on the outside, no pretense or hypocrisy.  Aligned means that the leader and the organization are clear about their purpose and living on purpose at any moment in time.

We talk about this movement of conscious leadership being rooted in 15 commitments.  We teach leaders how to live from these commitments as a practical daily lifestyle.

So if this were a first date, maybe even a speed date, would you want to talk more, to go deeper to explore what a connection between us might look like?  If the answer is yes, we ask you to join the movement and to co-create with us a new paradigm for leading and living that is both powerful, effective, fun and sustainable.

With expectation and appreciation,

Jim and Diana

Meet the Conscious Leadership Group

Jim Dethmer has been devoted to the practice of conscious leadership for 45 years. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people about how to lead and live from consciousness. He has coached Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams supporting them in transforming their lives and their cultures. He has worked with over 200 organizations led by entrepreneurs and professional managers across all industries. In addition to The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, Jim also co-authored High Performing Investment Teams (Wiley, 2006). When Jim is not working with clients, you’ll often find him at his soul’s home in Northern Michigan playing golf with his wife Debbie and delighting in their six children and three grandchildren.

Diana Chapman has been a trusted advisor to over 700 organizational leaders and many of their teams. She is also a well-respected facilitator for YPO forums and chapters worldwide. Clients from Genentech to Yahoo! value her clarity, compassion, ferocity, and playfulness. She brings you to your edge and ignites your courage to step into the unknown where you can experience what you want the most. When Diana is not with her clients, you will likely find her gardening at her suburban farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. She lives there with her husband of 25 years and their two children.

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