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November 2015

Commitment #10 Newsletter: Exploring the Opposite

How can a story cause so much suffering?

Life shows up in all sorts of ways. Day after day, minute by minute. We don’t really have much control over this. (This is life we’re talking about after all.) We do, however, have complete choice when it comes to responding to what comes our way. Commitment #10 is the key to unlocking and cultivating our creative mastery when it comes to responding to life.

When we’re committed to our stories being right—beliefs and judgements—we suffer. But knowing that this is a reality doesn’t support us in shifting. We need to experience ourselves letting go of being right to get deep down in our bones how much suffering we cause ourselves by holding on 

The “Judge Your Neighbor” PDF below and “The Work” of Byron Katie is the simplest, fastest, and most reliable way we know to experience the cost of our beliefs. “The Work” provides a path to see that the opposite of our stories are as true or truer than the ones we hold so fiercely.

When we become more agile in our ability to see life from multiple perspectives, rather than rigidly holding onto our habitual ways of seeing, we open ourselves to learn from everyone and everything around us. We have seen again and again how integrating this commitment throughout teams and organizations creates feedback-friendly cultures, where everyone learns from one another in service of creativity, innovation, fun, and furthering company specific goals.

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