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December 2015

Commitment #11 Newsletter: Sourcing Approval, Control and Security

Could you trust this much?

Can you imagine a life where you no longer need people to like you in order to feel a deep sense of well-being? A life where you know and trust that you are nothing but lovable, and if others can’t see it, it’s about them, not you.

What if you were able to recognize that in each moment you are safe, even in the moment of your death?   Imagine trusting life so much that you didn’t need to control it. Instead you see that controlling life keeps you from experiencing its fullness and the gifts it has to give.  

Commitment 11 guides us towards making this imagined life a reality. A reality where you know the true source of safety and love lies within you.  To live above the line means to live from trust. This commitment is a direct path to this experience.

The resources below are designed to redirect where you source your sense of approval, control, and security from. When this shift happens in a leader, companies go from good to great across cultural, financial, and impact-based metrics.  But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself.

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