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April 2016

Commitment #15 Newsletter: Being the Resolution

Being the resolution is all about being.

You have likely heard the message, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We think this is some of the best advice out there, and it’s what commitment 15 is all about.   What do you want to be different about the situations and people around you? Rather than focusing on getting the change to happen externally or being at the effect of the way it is, this commitment asks us to experiment internally to learn how to embody what we most want to exist out in the world.

When you embody the resolution, you create an opportunity for others to join you in experiencing new possibilities in relationships. Try it out for yourself. The next time you are wishing for someone to listen more to you, rather than talking louder or more or giving up, shift gears and become the listener you would like them to be. Discover how this commitment can create a shift in you, and often inspire a similar shift in others.

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