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May 2015

Commitment #4 Newsletter: Candid Communication

When revealing the ten ton elephant in the room knocks down the walls and lets the light (of connection) back in 

There are many reasons—apparently good ones on the surface—for withholding information, thoughts and stories, especially from the people we care about most. When we examine our reasons more deeply, most don’t hold up. We withhold in order to manipulate, whether innocently or malevolently, in order to control a situation or relationship.

When we’re willing to be vulnerable enough to reveal instead of conceal, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, we open the door to authentic connection. In an ironic twist, situations or relationships we were working so hard to control often improve and deepen in ways we never imagined.

This month we’re offering resources to support you and your organization in speaking candidly. We discuss—and demonstrate live—what true candor means and looks like. I (Jim) also created a video to walk you through what a coaching session addressing candor consists of. We hope you use these materials to bring more candor to your organization and most valued relationships. 

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