Commitment #5 Newsletter: Eliminating Gossip

Commitment #5 Newsletter: Eliminating Gossip

Gossip: A (socially-sanctioned) addiction that most everyone engages in, but no one talks about. 

Gossip is a particularly addictive human pastime. There is that familiar rush that comes from the power of having information about someone or something that you can use for all sorts of reasons: to make yourself feel better about yourself by putting down someone else, to get closer to the person or people you’re sharing the information with, to gain social status, or simply to highlight how “in” you are for knowing what you know. Like all addictions, gossip eventually drains your energy, damages your reputation, and puts you at the effect of whatever substance you’re addicted to.

The “cure” for the gossip addiction is to recognize when you’re gossiping versus authentically expressing yourself, and then to talk directly to the person in question or make it clear to someone who is gossiping that you’re not interested in being on the receiving end of gossip. Implementing this commitment within a team or workplace can be a game changer. Productivity, creativity, innovation and trust all increase by leaps and bounds. 

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