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August 2015

Commitment #7 Newsletter: Generating Appreciation

Appreciation is an Art Form (on both sides) 

Offering an appreciation that really hits the mark requires practice and presence. In order to be a masterful appreciator, you want to derive and deliver your appreciations in such a way that delights you as much as it does the person you’re appreciating. An appreciation that satisfies both people is simply more powerful.

Receiving an appreciation is often more challenging than giving one. To allow yourself to be seen and articulated can be vulnerable. Your very willingness to be receptive and vulnerable is key to the appreciation sinking in and bringing a deeper connection between you and another.

Appreciation is one of the fastest ways to build (authentic) connection between two people, a team or an organization. Try it out this month with the support of the resources below. You can start the month of appreciation by appreciating yourself for being willing to give it a shot!

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