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September 2015

Commitment #8 Newsletter: Excelling in Your Zone of Genius

Genius is coursing through your veins and you may not even have a clue. It’s time to find it, name it, and soar...  

Though genius is defined as “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability,” we culturally lean towards the intellectual, aka high IQ, when we talk about genius. If we include creative power or other natural abilities—and at CLG we do—each and every one of us has a zone of genius. The feat isn’t “being” a genius, it’s about recognizing, maximizing and leveraging whatever your intellectual, creative and/or other natural abilities may be.

Instead of talking about the genius you see present in exceptional thinkers, athletes, performers, thought-leaders, or start-up and fortune 500 CEOs, why not become more curious about the genius you carry within? 

If you happen to have a creative power that isn’t yet known to be powerful or culturally valued, it falls on you to figure out how to maximize, leverage, and even monetize your power. Monetizing is optional, but in our experience people who love their work (and lives) have often figured out creative ways to integrate their zone of genius into their career or work in the world.

As a first step to unlocking your zone of genius, complete the “Best Stuff” exercise below. Others are much better at spotting our genius than we are. Hint: A key difference between a zone of excellence and a zone of genius is that excellence is something you’ve learned and genius is an ability or way of being that was always there.

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