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October 2015

Commitment #9 Newsletter: Living a Life of Play and Rest

Ditching the Lens of Serious for the Lens of Play 

Bring to mind something that’s going on in your world that you think is serious. Take a moment until you’ve got it.

Fast forward in your mind 5 years. Does it still seem serious? 10 years? 20 years? If you go far enough out, you’ll likely find a time when it doesn’t seem so big anymore. At some point what you think is serious now won’t seem so serious anymore.

Most people believe that if they don’t hold an issue as serious they will not fully engage and take action. In our experience, this doesn’t tend to be the case at all. When people look through the lens of serious, they’re more rigid and attached to being right, and as a result, miss seeing creative approaches to transform or diffuse a situation.

Leaders, teams and organizations that value play and rest solve problems more effectively and efficiently, enjoy stronger relationships, negotiate skillfully from a relaxed and confident place, and have more fun. Fun, remember that? Without a healthy dose of the energy that comes from play in the workplace, you’re leaving opportunities for growth (of culture and bottom line) on the table. 

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