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May 2016

Newsletter #16: Eric Langshur, AVIA Interview

The latest from Jim and Diana. 

We’re focusing our newsletter in a new direction this month after having gone through an introduction to the 15 commitments. Each month we’ll introduce you to a leader who is committed to practicing and bringing the commitments into their organization. We’re excited to share the impact we’re making in partnership with leaders around the country.  

There is a new book coming out this week: Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing. We’re thrilled about its release and highly recommend that you order a copy. It combines ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience from the world’s leading experts. We have chosen the co-author and CLG client, Eric Langshur, as our featured leader. Listen to our interview with him below.

Have you seen our latest animation videos? We have several new ones on our website covering the topics of decision rights, practicing presence, integrity, and how to clear when you have a grievance with another. We get a lot of feedback from leaders that these videos generate valuable conversations when they play them for their teams. We’d love to hear how they’re supporting your conversations with your colleagues.

If you are just joining us and missed the past newsletters highlighting each commitment, you can find them here. For those of you who like diving deeper into the commitments, we have a new section at the bottom of the newsletter just for you.   

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