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August 2016

Newsletter #19: Jim Barnett, Glint Interview

The Latest from Jim & Diana.

Last month we gathered in California to launch our one year Coaching Certification Training. It was enlivening to be in a room with so many people devoted to the practice of living consciously. As part of the program, each person committed to a daily meditation practice. We ask for the same commitment from our clients.  

We don’t specify how they should meditate, instead we encourage each person to decide what works best for them.  

We often get push back when we ask our clients to create a daily meditation practice. Many believe they don’t have the time as busy leaders. But conscious leader, Jim Barnett, has found a way. Jim is one of the most devoted meditators we know in the business world. He has created a life where he meditates for up to one hour each morning, and then heads out each day to lead a busy start up. Listen to our podcast to learn more about the payoffs Jim receives from meditation.

We recommend you start your meditation practice with 5-10 minutes a day. The app, Headspace, is a great place to get started. Many of the guided meditations we have created are on our website or can be found on the app Insight Timer.  

Let us know what results you experience by reaching out to us on Twitter, Facebook or at [email protected].

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