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November 2016

Newsletter #24: How Much Feedback Can You Handle?

Going Deeper with The 15 Commitments: How Much Feedback Can You Handle?

Self awareness is a cornerstone of conscious leadership. If you’re not growing in self-awareness you’re not growing as a leader. There are three things that increase self-awareness: self-reflection, personality instruments and feedback.

Self-reflection comes from cultivating the ability to step outside of yourself and from the place of the observer, to look back at yourself.

Personality instruments like DISC, Myers-Briggs, Strengthsfinder and a host of others can help you see things about yourself that are not obvious even upon self-reflection. At CLG our favorite personality system is the Enneagram. From our perspective it is the CT scan of instruments and compared to it everything else is an X-ray—useful, but not nearly as revealing and descriptive.

We recommend you grow in self-awareness by developing your capacity for self-reflection, and that you use the Enneagram to help you see things about yourself you can not otherwise see. Things like your core motivations, blind spots, communication patterns and listening filters, style of relating to others and your path to maturity.

We also recommend that you create a feedback rich environment. The world is an open system that is constantly giving you feedback. Feedback is not just what you receive at your annual performance review or when a teammate says, “I have some feedback for you. Would you like to hear it?”

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