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December 2016

Newsletter #26: The Power of Inquiry

As I write this Going Deeper section I want you to know I went deeper this month. I spent three days in Atlanta in an intensive workshop with Byron Katie. Katie (as she is called) and her work, Inquiry, is the basis of commitment 10 of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.  

Commitment 10 invites conscious leaders to see that the opposite of their story could be as true or truer than their story. This commitment is also the key to applying commitment 2, which is choosing curiosity over being right. In a nutshell, it’s impossible to be truly conscious and a conscious leader as long as we still believe our stories about reality are TRUE. The ego will fight to the death to prove to us and to everyone that the way it sees things is accurate and right. Conscious leaders choose over and over again to do The Work to explore the possibility that the exact opposite of their story could be as true. Once they do this, conscious leaders step out of all the drama around proving how right they are and they start learning new things, because they are actually curious instead of invested in their story about events.

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