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January 2017

Newsletter #27: Rosa Scarcelli, Stanford Management Interview

Cheers to a more conscious 2017!

Since it’s an employees market, especially for engineers, leaders and companies are bending over backwards to make sure that they have what the most sought after employees require to sign on the dotted line. Conscious culture is high on the list of must haves.

Several clients have told us that they’re beginning to attract great talent not only because they’re practicing conscious leadership in general, but because they’re working with CLG in particular. Last month at a CLG event at Asana, a longtime Bay Area client, a participant said that he got fed up with the drama at his last job, and specifically sought out a company with a more conscious culture. 

In our podcast this month, we talk with Rosa Scarcelli about a radical shift in consciousness at her company, Stanford Management. One commitment in particular created a tipping point in how her team related to each other and their clients. You might be surprised to find out how it all played out. Listen here to find out. 

What commitments do you want to focus on and practice to create a more conscious culture in 2017? Who can you introduce the 15 commitments to that will help support the expansion of conscious leadership in your community and the world?


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