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February 2017

Newsletter #29: Kim Redding, Retired CEO Interview

If you’ve ever decided to transform your body, you know it takes time. Weight doesn’t melt away overnight and muscles grow larger and stronger over months of regular workouts. The same is true for shifting consciousness. As you practice you may not notice much change in the beginning, but over time the results begin to add up, and the people around you start to appreciate the more self-aware you.  

In this month’s podcast retired CEO Kim Redding courageously shares how he shifted from a deeply unconscious leader to a man of profound integrity. The contrast of Kim’s before and after is downright inspiring. It took many years and great perseverance to create this change. We were moved by how transparent and candid he was during our conversation. We’re excited for you to listen in. 

We’re grateful to Kim and to you for devoting time each day to practice the 15 commitments. We’re practicing right along with you, cheering you on, and appreciating how together we’re creating a more conscious world.

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