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February 2017

Newsletter #30: Trust, The Transformational Secret Sauce of Conscious Leaders

Going Deeper with The 15 Commitments: Trust, The Transformational Secret Sauce of Conscious Leaders    

Trust is the secret sauce of all relationships. Without trust, drama often arises so things don’t get done effectively and efficiently. When trust is low on a team, making decisions takes longer and issues get revisited over and over and are rarely resolved. Low trust leads to more stress, less fun and high turnover.

As best-selling business author Patrick Lencioni notes in his book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team," trust is the fundamental element of teamwork. Teams that don't trust each other don't share everything that's going on, don't get to learn everything about an issue, and isolate themselves into silos. In Lencioni's view, no team is really a team until its members fully trust each other. So getting the trust issue right is the critical first step for any leader.

Conscious leaders develop through three stages of trust. Knowing this path and being able to determine which stage you’re in is a key to self-awareness and transformational leadership.

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