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April 2017

Newsletter #33: Lisa Murphy, City of Santa Cruz Interview

A little awareness goes a long way.

“Can you believe it?” We hear these words often from clients who have created major shifts with their colleagues over short periods of time. Our response is always the same, “Yes, we can believe it.” We’ve learned that when a person, team or organization is willing to practice the 15 commitments, significant changes can happen quickly.

In this month’s podcast you’ll hear about the Human Resources Department of the City of Santa Cruz, CA. Just a year ago this team was experiencing many challenges and not collaborating effectively. With just three training days over the past year, and lots of practice in between, they are now thriving together.

If there is willingness to take responsibility and become curious, even the most dire looking dynamics can shift. We are proud of this team, and many others like them, who are creating significant results in connection, collaboration and creativity.  

How about you? Have you or your team broken through difficult drama? We would love to hear your story via email or on social. And if you have created that shift and would like coaching or facilitation, we’re happy to share our tools for positive change with you.

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