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June 2017

Newsletter #37: Ronnie Rubin, Bridgewater Wealth and Financial Management

Creating a conscious culture


Last month Jim wrote a “Going Deeper” article describing what a conscious culture looks like. We heard from many of you that you’ve been incorporating the suggestions and practices. That’s music to our ears. There’s a long list; now is a great time to revisit the article and see what you can experiment with next.

Creating a conscious culture is a choice that includes getting aligned with your team around shared commitments and defining clear agreements in order to build trust. That’s exactly what our featured leader and CLG client, Ronnie Rubin, has done at Bridgewater Wealth and Financial Management in Bethesda, MD.

Listen to Diana’s recent interview with Ronnie below. You’ll learn how he revamped Bridgewater culture from the inside-out in partnership with us. He shares how creating a conscious culture not only changed how it feels to work at Bridgewater, but also that he attributes the 4x growth they’ve experienced since implementing the 15 commitments in part to this work. That’s no small feat in the financial services industry.

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Are you leading or working in a conscious culture? If so, we’d love to learn about the rituals, habits, and actions you’ve created and implemented.

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