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July 2017

Newsletter #39: How to Get Your Black Belt in Conscious Leadership

Accelerate Your Ability To Be A Conscious Leader By Creating A Conscious Community

When clients ask us what it takes to be a black belt in conscious leadership, we reliably tell them to create a conscious community. A conscious community is a group of people who come together to align around shared commitments and agreements to support relating in trust versus fear.

These communities can be created with friends, family, colleagues or strangers who are committed to creating shared practices. We recommend that the commitments and agreements be written and discussed out loud so that there are no misunderstandings as people begin to engage with one another.

CLG Forums are an example of conscious community. We hold forums in major cities around the U.S. to support leaders in leading more consciously. Facilitated by one of our coaches, a group of 7-10 leaders come together for a half-day, monthly over a year—plus a two day retreat—to practice living the 15 commitments together.

This month, Jim interviewed three members from one of his Chicago forums. Listen in to learn how this community has made a significant difference in each of their lives.

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