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August 2017

Newsletter #41: Heidi Ebol, Alene Candles Interview

Every company needs an internal champion. Who is yours?

When Heidi Ebol’s CEO asked her to take the lead to create a conscious leadership program at Alene Candles, she jumped in with both feet. As head of HR, she collaborated with us to design a six month program to train employees at all levels of the organization to lead more consciously. We credit Heidi’s passion and commitment for results that exceeded our expectations.

Many difficult conversations and vulnerable emotions surfaced along the way. People began to shift from blame to curiosity and to take responsibility for creating what they wanted. Team members now entertain themselves with play instead of gossip. Understanding, empathy and appreciation took root throughout the organization.

During the last day of the training, we sat with the various teams and listened to how their lives had changed practicing the 15 Commitments. Our eyes welled with tears on multiple occasions as we heard story after story about how their lives had changed both at work and at home. “I’m a much better parent and now rarely yell at my kids,” reported one man.  Another shared, “My difficult relationship with my father has mended and I am so grateful for these tools to create that.” A team shared how much more positive their relationship was with management and one another.

It only takes one champion in an organization who is dedicated to getting others to practice and learn to shift an entire culture. Who is the champion in your organization?

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