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September 2017

Newsletter #43: Why Group Learning is Trending with Silicon Valley Founders

Silicon Valley founders and their investors recognize the value of gathering in forums with their peers to learn how to be more effective leaders. Following in the footsteps of Y.P.O. (Young President’s Organization) and Vistage, many organizations are creating leadership circles. Because these leaders share many of the same challenges, one person’s work is everyone's work, which makes group learning very efficient.

We facilitate CLG Forums in major cities across the U.S. Below you’ll find videos from an interview Diana did with three members of one of her San Francisco Forums. They’ve been together for a year, and are beginning their second year this fall. 

Not only is group learning efficient, but there is also a relief and light-heartedness that comes with realizing you are not alone in your challenges. Joe Greenstein, co-founder of InnerSpace—and CLG SF Forum member—says, "I just think of it as fun. I see it on my calendar and I look forward to it."

One reason Joe might be having so much fun is because he selected all of the members. He was interested in creating a community of peers who were also friends and colleagues so that he could surround himself with others who were willing to practice conscious leadership regularly. One big payoff has been a more effective relationship with his co-founder who is also in the group.

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