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November 2017

Newsletter #46: The Goal of the Game

Often when we teach the commitments of conscious leadership we begin by asking leaders if they’d be willing to play a game. This serves several purposes:

First, right up front it creates the intention to play and not take ourselves, or the game, too seriously. This is a key to playing the game skillfully and to wanting to keep playing the game for a long time.

Second, if it’s a game we don’t need to spend time giving the science, data, ROI or evidence for why we believe consciousness is a valid and valuable aspect of leadership.

When you play Candy Land or Scrabble or hide and seek who asks, “Could someone tell me why this is a valid use of our time? Has there been any serious study and research on the efficacy of Candy Land? Is there any neuroscience evidence that supports this activity?” If someone asked questions like these, the other players at the table would probably say, “Take a chill pill Bob. It’s just a game.”

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