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Meg Dennison

Meg Dennison coaches leaders and teams, and facilitates Tastes of Conscious Leadership. Her years as a political reporter, community and nonprofit leader allow her to drill to the heart of an issue. Leaders and teams who work with Meg come away with a clear sense of what they want to create and how to get there.

Grounded and direct, Meg is a skilled questioner, and a deep and empathetic listener who challenges her clients with humor. She gives individuals and groups the tools and insights they need to create the change they want.

Meg’s transformed her own life through the very work she teaches through CLG. She’s written extensively about the transformation of her marriage to an overworked executive. You can find her writings in various online news sources.

Meg holds a BA in History and Political Science from Colorado College.

Meg is passionate about being outdoors, whether it’s biking, skiing, or enjoying stillness of a mountain top. Meg and her husband have raised three children to adulthood.


Meg Dennison

Working with Meg has boosted my career in ways I never imagined. I’m now fully seeing myself as the effective and inspiring leader I’ve always been. The conscious leadership practices I’ve brought to my team at a large public organization are making a noticeable difference in how we talk and work with each other. I’ve also learned to effectively manage my energy for greater productivity and less stress, so I’m happier at work and at home.
Nicole Butler
CEO, United Minds
We wanted to create a company with a compelling culture of purpose and meaning. Working with Meg opened new possibilities for how to make that transition and allowed us to quickly activate our strategy and create the culture we wanted for our ideal workplace.
Adam Bouchard
Founder and CEO, Agilion of Burlington, VT
Meg’s workshop at our conference of World Bank Group human resources managers brought the principles of conscious leadership to a diverse group of leaders from around the world. Inspiring and enthusiastic, Meg showed participants how to move from simply putting out daily HR fires to creating a culture where people learn to be more effective and help themselves without the drama. The presentation was practical and immediately applicable to our work here.
Ruth Grove
The World Bank Group Human Resources Manager
During our two-day partner retreat, Meg taught us conscious communication tools and helped us get really clear on what we wanted for the business and for ourselves at a time when our business was not growing the way we thought it should. Meg helped us express our frustrations, appreciations and craft a plan for moving forward.
Aleesa Daley -
Former Managing Partner, Ardeeka, Los Angeles
I find it difficult to share feelings with others and was out of my comfort zone. Meg was amazing and made me feel comfortable right away. The principles taught in the workshop are beneficial in all areas of my life. Thanks Meg!
Nancy Dodge
Foodstate Inc
Conscious leadership training for our Fourthwave entrepreneurs has been a powerful way to help participants cultivate self-reflection uncommon in startup programs, but vital to sustainable culture. Meg's real time experience came through in the classroom, as well as in one-on-one coaching that’s creating enormous benefits for our CEOs.
Tracy Saville
Fo-Founder, Fourthwave.io

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