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Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbroner has implemented CLG principles and models with countless business leaders, teams, and companies over the past eight years as a coach, consultant, facilitator, advisor, and speaker. She has two decades’ experience in the startup ecosystem as a founder, board member, mentor, and investor. Her extensive operating experience in companies from early-stage startup to global enterprise—including CEO, CMO, EVP of Sales and Marketing—makes it easy for her to empathize with her clients. She began her career as an attorney – last as a federal prosecutor with the US Department of Justice.

Sue’s clients—and friends—find her mentally quick, direct and honest, fearless in her willingness to face difficult issues, and able to improvise to dynamically meet clients where they are.

Sue holds a B.A. in Political Science from Oberlin College, and a Juris Doctor and Master’s in Public Policy from Duke University.

Whether on the trail or in town, she is passionate about spotting and mentoring wildly talented business leaders in the early stages of their careers. She’s based in Boulder, CO, but you’ll find her all over the globe for work and play, which are pretty much one and the same for Sue.


Sue Heilbronner

Working with Sue is an experience; she is at once my teacher, partner, confidant, friend, investor, and more. Beyond my co-founders, there are few others with whom I can be 100% vulnerable about myself and my company, and Sue is one of them. She has not only been valuable, but foundational to our success thus far, because we can dive deep and unadulterated into our challenges the instant we sit down together. This transparent relationship is rare and a true treasure, as it requires massive trust and buy-in from both sides. Sue is our greatest, secret, unfair competitive advantage.
Devon Tivona
CEO Pana
Sue had an uncanny ability to zero in on the key issues that faced our team and helped us work through them. She did so in a very caring, compassionate and unbiased way that left all of us feeling great and energized.
Alexandra Walterspiel
CEO, Imprint Hospitality
Sue is great to work with. She holds the mirror up to our team so we can evaluate an outside perspective. At the same time Sue brings the experience of an operator so we can put that outside perspective into action.
Scott Meyer
CEO and Founder, Evidon

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