The Conscious Leadership Group offers consulting services to CEOs, executive teams and organizations.

Our consultants take your organization though the teaching and practice of the 15 Commitments, one commitment at a time, allowing your organization to become more innovative, creative, productive and successful.

Teaching of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

  • Pre-Reading Material
  • Group & Individual Training
  • Learning Partner Activities
  • Personal Development Practices
  • Train the Trainer Educational Tools

Our work with your team includes a pre-engagement survey to assess the level of conscious leadership in your organization. Mid and post engagement surveys and 360 assessments give real time feedback to measure the effectiveness of the process in bringing real cultural change.

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Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer is a master speaker who engages his audiences with fun, vibrant, interactive keynotes that rivet and enthrall everyone in attendance. His speaking style and topics challenge his audience to take note, speak up, and literally shift in their seat.

Some of Jim's favorite topics:

  • Living and Working Above the Line to Create a Culture of Success
  • 100% Responsibility Leadership: Why it Matters
  • Successfully Feeling: How Self-Aware, Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Create Outstanding Organizations
  • What's Wrong with Being Right? How Curiosity and Commitment to Learning Creates Winning Culture
  • How to Make Agreements that Eliminate Drama
  • Integrity is Much More than Doing the Right Thing: 4 Practical Keys to Being a Leader with Integrity
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CLG Forums

CLG Forums are a place to practice consciousness and conscious leadership in the context of an exceptional group of leaders. Forum members make a commitment to live a life aligned around The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Members support one another in living above the line and in shifting from “To Me” consciousness to “By Me” leadership.

By Me leaders take 100% responsibility for their lives professionally and personally. They experience themselves as the creator of the life they are living and the organization they are leading. They know that this choice to be responsible and to act as creator is empowering, liberating, and productive allowing new possibilities and paths to success.

The time in a Forum is spent developing the skill and mastery of living the 15 Commitments. The intention for each group is to be a group that supports every member in living their life's purpose and doing so in a way that is deeply enjoyable. The requirement to be in the group is each member's ongoing curiosity, commitment to prioritize these meetings in their life, and their desire to explore the path of living and leading above the line.

“For the past three years CLG has facilitated our YPO Forum retreats. I have found their facilitation to be very skillful. They have created both a safe and challenging environment that has supported my growth as an individual and our connection to one another as group members.”
Shantanu Narayen
CEO of Adobe Systems
“The forum experience using the CLG process shifted the paradigm from friendship and support to radical loving honesty and accountability to our higher selves. Instead of sharing experiences, we hold a space for one another to see our true potential and become all that we are capable of as people, partners and leaders. It's truly transformational and you will never go back to a group dynamic the same after experiencing it.”
Rosa Scarcelli
CEO Stanford Management LLC
“I spent several years in a YPO Forum. I met some wonderful people & I have some great memories. CLG Forum has been a catalyst for massive change in every area of my life; personal; professional, financial & spiritual; I experience more love & joy on a daily basis than at any other time in my life. This work is certainly not for the faint hearted, but if you're willing to take a risk & question absolutely everything in order to live fully; this is the place.”
Nathan Olivas
“The Conscious Leadership Group facilitated our most recent YPO forum retreat and quickly took our group of 10 CEOs to a deeper level. The facilitator was incredibly intuitive and able to quickly read people and situations. She took people into unknown, sometimes uncomfortable territory in a supportive way, and importantly, she was respectful of each person's limits.”
Kimberly Clouse
Family Wealth Advisor...Investor Advocate ...Board Director...Speaker
“CLG Forum is a YPO/WPO Forum on steroids. Most folks are too comfortable telling the story they’ve lived with to themselves and others. With CFG, I’ve seen real transformation. The honesty, authenticity, freedom and integrity experienced in CFG is unlike any other forum experience. It’s life changing, and not just for the participant. Friends, co-workers and most importantly, family and significant other are all happier. It’s the real deal.”
Jeff Brothers
“CLG has been a deeply transformative experience for me. Having worked with coaches individually for several years, I was unsure how the group would add value to my personal development. However, I am certain that the power of the collective energy of CLG helped me face and overcome some of my deepest fears in a way that individual work simply couldn't. Additionally, relationships built within the group that were deeply impactful and supportive of my growth along a conscious path. Simply put, CLG has totally changed my life in ways I never would have imagined.”
Jim Placio

Forums are run by a CLG Facilitator who has been trained in CLG coaching and facilitation skills. The format is typically as follows:

  • Limit to 10 Forum members
  • ½ day meeting once a month for nine months, and a two day retreat
  • Membership to a private Facebook page for Forum members who want to participate in an ongoing dialogue about their learnings
YPO/WPO Forums and Chapters

Many YPO and WPO Forums throughout the world have adopted the Conscious Leadership Group model to support them in having a more dynamic and transformational forum experience. We offer two-day retreats for your Forum where we teach you the basics of what it means to facilitate one another above the line. We also point out where the Forum is currently relating below the line, which can be seen in the members’ recirculating and not resolving life issues. This is a very enlightening experience for every Forum we have worked with thus far. As a result of this process, Forum members experience greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and lasting change. They also grow in their authentic connection to one another.

We then provide the Forum with our best practices and a very specific structure for how to support an individual member in taking radical responsibility for the issues they bring to the Forum, which allows for a true shift to occur. Finally, we will offer the Forum new themes to explore which shift its attention from focusing on problems to exploring new unimagined possibilities!

We also provide experiential speaking and facilitation for YPO and WPO Chapters events:
  • How to Build Personal and Organization Energy Through the Masterful Practice of Integrity
  • How To Create a Self-Aware Culture in Your Organization
  • How to Stop Recirculating Issues in Your Forum
  • How to Take the Leap From Excellence to Genius (Based on the book, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks)
  • Removing Toxic sludge: How to End Blame, Criticism and Gossip
  • How to Thrive at Work AND in Your Personal Life
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The speed of transformation for an individual and an organization goes up dramatically when leaders are being coached one on one. Our coaches are expert at applying the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to specific situations in your work and personal life. Each coaching session begins by getting present. Most leaders spend much of their time not fully present to what is happening. Next you will bring real situations from your daily life and the coach will work with you to apply the 15 Commitments to these situations supporting you to experience a tangible shift in how you are leading and living. Over time you will become expert at applying the principles and practices of conscious leadership at every moment of your life. The CLG coaching experience is personal, powerful, fun and life changing.

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The Conscious Leadership Group offers dynamic, energetic, transformational trainings for leaders who want to learn how to fully embody the 15 Commitments and live and lead above the line.
A Taste of Conscious Leadership

Are you new to conscious leadership and want to learn more? We offer half day trainings which give leaders an overview of conscious leadership. These interactive trainings call leaders to come face to face with the behaviors that are holding them back from radically leading from responsibility, genius and playfulness. These events are for anyone who is a leader to others in an organization.

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Conscious Leadership Intensive

CLG offers those ready for more depth to attend our three-day trainings. These events are highly experiential and leaders will get personal support in applying the commitments to their professional and personal lives. Participants will practice taking responsibility, shifting from defensiveness to curiosity, becoming masterful with all feeling states, speaking candidly, giving and receiving feedback, becoming impeccable with agreements and learning to shift to high states of learning on the fly. Leaders leave with specific tools and practices to support their ongoing growth as conscious leaders. These trainings are facilitated by CLG Founders, Jim and Diana.

  • Living and Working Above the Line to Create a Culture of Success
  • 100% Responsibility Leadership: Why it Matters
  • Successfully Feeling: How Self-Aware, Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Create Outstanding Organizations
  • What's Wrong with Being Right? How Curiosity and Commitment to Learning Creates Winning Culture.
  • How to Make Agreements that Eliminate Drama
  • Integrity is Much More than Doing the Right Thing: 4 Practical Keys to Being a Leader with Integrity.
This event is for you if you are willing to:
  • Embrace your full potential, power and presence
  • Go beyond traditional business and leadership
  • Take full ownership of every aspect of your life
  • Create an empowered culture and community around you
What you will go away with:
  • Written materials that you can use to teach others in your organization or community
  • Personalized practices to support your ongoing growth
  • An understanding of the unconscious roles you play that keep you from being a conscious leader
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