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Jim Placio

Tim Ferris talks about the idea of leaders having many mini retirements over the course of their career. Jim Placio did just this by taking break for a year from his mega successful career in finance to fully examine his life.

After Jim had open heart surgery, he swore that he’d make radical changes in his life in the direction of consciousness. Yet as we know, wanting to change and willing to change are two different things.

Through the support of his CLG Forum and 1-1 coaching with our team,  Jim shifted from wanting to willing. He was finally to interrupt his pattern  of telling people what they wanted to hear and stepped into integrity with himself, others, and life.

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

CLG has helped us create a healthy framework for providing truly honest feedback, in a manner that’s comfortable for all involved. This radical candor has had a big impact among our group. Taking radical responsibility has also changed the way I think about decisions and planning, both big and small, and how I respond when something is not going to plan.
David Light
Senior Vice President
When I first joined the team Jim was a complete deal junkie—going into a “withdrawal” type state until he found the next deal. After Jim’s year-long sabbatical he remains the charismatic and effective leader, but has imparted in our team and myself the “By Me” vs. “To Me” perspective. With Jim’s encouragement I’ve joined Toastmasters, becoming a more effective public speaker, and started to work with a coach trained in CLG techniques which is helping me to take ownership of my career and personal development.
Scott Soracoe
Vice President, Corporate & Asset Finance Lending Team
Before working with CLG I was completely burned out of doing a "job" (and three other similar jobs before) mainly for money. I am now in the process of creating a new business which will be based on the 15 commitments. As a leader I now focus on making things fun, seeking out both criticism and appreciation, and listening. I am enjoying the process of exploring what my genius might be (Commitment #8); looking for something that excites me everyday when I wake up.
​Chris Eckstrom
​Former Managing Director and CLG Forum Member

The 15 Commitments in Action

Feedback Sessions to Practice Radical Candor  After a deal is complete all team members spend 30 minutes giving open and honest feedback about the following, especially encouraging junior team members to take the opportunity to fully express themselves first (frustrations, appreciations, etc):

What didn’t go well during the deal
What did go well during the deal
Areas where we could improve for the next deal
Team appreciation and recognition

Team members are encouraged to work with an external coach to support their effectiveness.

Are you interested in this type of transformation in your leadership and/or at your company? Contact us to get the conversation started.
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