Introduction to Conscious Leadership

Introduction to Conscious Leadership

We're thrilled to welcome you to this experience with us.

We’ll meet weekly on Zoom in an interactive classroom for four weeks. We'll guide you through the exploration and practice of The 4 Questions of Conscious Leadership. Each week we’ll introduce the question of the week, share experiential exercises, answer your questions. You'll receive practices to experiment with between classes.

Please don't share this page with people who aren't in the course. Check back weekly for recordings, resources, and prep materials.

And we're off!

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Zoom Meetings

  • Thursday June 11, 10:30 - 12:00pm PDT
  • Thursday June 18, 10:30 - 12:00pm PDT
  • Thursday June 25, 10:30 - 12:00pm PDT
  • Thursday July 2, 10:30 - 12:00pm PDT

Please click here for the meeting link. The link will be the same for each session.

You’ll find prep materials below. Please come to the session prepared. 

After each session, we’ll post a recording of the class, any additional learning and practice materials that came up during our session, and list the resource page for the commitment(s) where you can explore even more. If you miss an in person class, you’ll be able to get up to speed and continue with us in close to real time by watching the video and engaging with the resources.

Course Recordings and Resources

Week 1 : Where am I? 

Prepare for Session 1

  • Click to (automatically) Download this PDF, which will serve as our handout workbook for the course. We recommend printing them out (double-sided) so you can write on them. And, of course, feel free to work off of digital copies.

Session 1 Video

Join Slack (optional)

Click to join: Slack board for course participants

We will not be monitoring this board. It's meant to be a space for course participants to connect and practice together.

Week 2 : Am I willing to accept myself for being where I am? 

Prepare for Session 2

1. Practice asking yourself, "Where am I?" throughout the day

  • Using an App: Download Mind Jogger (iOS) or Randomly RemindMe App (Android) and set random reminders throughout the day with the phrase, "Where am I?" Set the number of reminders based on how many times you are genuinely willing to pause, take a breath, and check if you're above-the-line or below-the-line.
  • Using Sticky Notes: Place "Where am I?" sticky notes in places where you look during the day

2. Have your handout packet (printed &/or digital) easily accessible for class

Session 2 Video


  • The antidote to fear isn’t courage; it’s acceptance.

  • You can’t shift what you can’t accept.


Week 3: Am I willing to shift? 

Homework: Map the Territory of Fear + Acceptance

  • Fear
    Be with your scared one. Notice your experience when you're scared. How do you know that you're scared? 
  • Acceptance
    Notice and learn what it feels like when you fully accept yourself for being scared.
  • Continue to work through Step 4 in the Conscious Leadership Process handout

Session 3 Video

Coaching Circle
Sign up for a Coaching Circle

Tuesdays* with Jack Craven July 14-Aug 11 / 15 Members
8:00-9:30AM PT / $335
*1st Session: Wed July 8, 11:00AM-12:30PM PT

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Week 4: How will I shift? 

Prepare for Session 4

  • Ask yourself willingness questions throughout the week
  • When you're not willing to shift, own your hidden iceberg

Session 4 Video


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Conscious Leadership

It begins with you.

We recommend starting with these three steps:

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