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CLG Bay Area Forum - Cultivating Conscious Fulfillment

This four-week course is designed to support you to learn the foundations of conscious leadership: how to live and lead from a state of trust versus threat. We’ll meet weekly on Zoom in an online classroom and teach and guide you through exercises to support you in creating a shift around challenging issues in your life.

You’ll learn...

  • What conscious leadership is
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat
  • How to identify your threat patterns
  • Tools to shift from threat to trust


This event is for organizational leaders to explore the core concepts and models of conscious leadership. We introduce the basic tools we use to eliminate drama, build trust, and create conscious cultures. You will explore a professional relationship challenge and learn how you can permanently shift the pattern.

This event is highly experiential. You’ll engage in multiple exercises in pairs and triads with follow-up full group debriefs. Your vulnerability and authenticity will support a richer learning experience for all.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • What conscious leadership is
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat
  • How to identify your own threat patterns
  • Technologies for shifting from threat to trust.


The sessions will be recorded and made available to participants.

About this event


  • Forum Chemistry Call: Feb 21, 2024 5pm
  • Forum Start Date: 2nd Thursday of every month starting in April 2024, 2-6pm (please come having had lunch)
  • Tentative Retreat Date: 4pm Friday, June 7- 4pm Sunday, June 9 2024 (location TBD; will be within 3hrs drive of SF)

Why this Forum?

If you’re under the age the age of 45, living in the Bay Area and asking yourself one or more of the questions below, this Forum is for you:

  • Have you reached professional success but find yourself unfulfilled?
  • Are you a leader who feels increasingly overwhelmed by how to sustain and motivate yourself and your team?
  • Are you disenchanted with what fulfillment was supposed to look like in your life?
  • Do you struggle with the quality of relationships in your life, wanting more?
  • Do you feel “stuck” with where you are in your career or life?
  • Do you feel drained, exhausted and de-energized by your commitments?
  • Do you find yourself wondering if there is more?
  • Do you have a sense of how you’d rather be spending your time, but struggle taking action to move towards that?

Applicants will be screened and this forum will be intentionally curated to create an exquisite experience for all participants. Up to 10 participants will be selected.

Meet the Coaches

Your Teachers

Your Teacher

Sierra Larson
Sierra is an executive coach who supports her clients to broaden their self-awareness, radically shift their internal dialogue and step into a new way of being. She is known for her clarity, compassion and intuitive curiosity. Her clients say these qualities allow them to open up quickly in 1:1 coaching and jump immediately into deep, transformative work. Sierra brings over a decade of hands-on HR experience in scaling and transforming leaders and teams. Her most recent role was HR Director at Dropbox, where she spent 7 years supporting its evolution from pre-IPO startup to global public company. Sierra is based in the Bay Area and holds a degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She loves exploring with her pup Juniper, recreating recipes from her travels and writing children's books.
Joyce Chen
Joyce is a seasoned executive and coach who supports her clients to create fulfilling careers and lives. With 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, Joyce is adept at helping clients to access their wisdom and creativity in order to unlock radical transformation. Her coaching clients have included leaders at Adobe, Amazon, Apple, AirBnB, Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce and Sony. Joyce most recently served as Head of Production for Meta, where she oversaw global production within marketing for brands including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. She facilitated learning circles with over 200 Meta leaders based on The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, an internal program she launched in 2018. As a filmmaker Joyce directed the documentary short film “Refugee,” which tells the story of a West African refugee seeking asylum in the US. “Refugee” won Best Documentary Short eight times during its festival season, was a two time qualifier for the Academy Awards, and was released on Amazon Prime in 2018. Joyce holds a BS in Communication from Boston University, and studied fine arts at CalArts and Pasadena Art Center. A voracious learner, Joyce is dedicated to her yoga practice, drawing and creative writing.

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Refund Policy

7 days: Attendees can receive refunds up to 7 days before the event start date.


I have worked with many coaches over the years that have given me life-changing ways of thinking, but I was wrestling with a new level of stuck. My first conversation with Sierra was different than any other coaching call I had. Instead of calling me out, she invited me to see the wisdom of what I was feeling. As a headstrong person I don't naturally trust feelings. With Sierra's help a new door was opened to connecting to myself, what I wanted, the power I bring to every situation, and a newfound clarity in what was holding me back. I look back at what should have been a scary ride, but Sierra's guidance was full of the compassion that I didn't yet have for myself, paired with a bold conviction that invited me to more. My personal and work life will be forever different because Sierra was my coach. I wish everybody had the opportunity to coach with her.
Ryan Daugherty
Executive Coach at Google
I’ve had the incredible privilege of working with Sierra over the course of a year, and I cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for the experience. From the moment we began our partnership, I knew I had found someone truly special. Sierra has a remarkable ability to see beyond our mask. During our time together, she pushed me to examine my patterns, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors, leading me to not only deepened my understanding of myself but also to unlock my true confidence as a leader. Sierra exudes warmth and compassion, creating an environment where I felt safe and encouraged to explore and play. She expertly helped me navigate challenges, guiding me toward finding my solutions and empowering me to step into my leadership potential. Her genuine care and support shone through every session, making me feel valued and heard. She celebrated victories alongside me, and during times of self-doubt, she provided a compassionate presence that reminded me of my inherent worthiness and capability. Thanks to Sierra I have experienced a profound transformation in my leadership journey. I now possess the tools and self-awareness to make more conscious decisions, foster meaningful relationships, and lead with authenticity and compassion. The impact that Sierra has had on both my personal and professional life is immeasurable, and I will forever be grateful for the time we spent growing together.
Beatrice Dominguez
VP of People and Vimcar
Having worked with several different coaches and therapists over the years I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with Joyce. She is operating at the highest level that coaching can offer. She has taught me invaluable lessons on how to utilize the wisdom of my body in order to gain perspective. With her coaching, I am getting to know myself on a deeper level and am able to offer an increasing amount of compassion toward myself and others. She is adept at helping her clients overcome blocks, find confidence in a leadership role, and navigate life's challenges with clarity and ease. I can't recommend her enough!
Abigail Fuller
Director, Chef’s Table
I've been working with Joyce for several months now, both in 1:1 executive coaching and leadership team facilitation. She's been an invaluable partner in my development by combining her finely honed CLG practice with her deep experience as a leader in highly matrixed corporate structures. This combination allows her to quickly relate to issues commonly experienced in the work environment while also being able to leverage the CLG principles to guide me to better outcomes. One of the places I saw Joyce show up strongest was when I asked her to facilitate my leadership team summit and help us craft our vision, mission and guiding principles. Her ability to really see people, skillfully push them to dig deeper and shepherd the group to alignment was top notch. My leaders thought she was fantastic and are now asking for more sessions with her to help us through new complex projects. If you are interested in 1:1 coaching or in need of group facilitation I highly recommend Joyce!
Shelby Cox
VP of Partner Marketing at Sony
There is nothing quite like deeply seeing and knowing yourself to build trust in your own leadership. This work is an excavation of the complex layers that shape how you show up in the world. Joyce brings you into the work with warmth, non-judgment, and wisdom. It’s confronting to become conscious of the ways you may have been toxic in your leadership and your relationships in general, but somehow this work enables you to accept and even appreciate your own humanity. The material itself is life-changing, but Joyce vulnerably commits to her own growth alongside you. She is profoundly, electrifyingly joyous in her work. Joyce has found her calling, and you can really feel it. She is magnetic and inspiring, and her self-awareness offers an invitation to go deep. I could not recommend Joyce more highly as a coach, facilitator, or just a general love bomb of nurturing wisdom and joy.
Justine Armour
Chief Creative Officer | ADWEEK Creative 100 | AdAge Leading Women
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