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March 11-14, 2024
Santa Cruz

Integrity Boot Camp

This four-week course is designed to support you to learn the foundations of conscious leadership: how to live and lead from a state of trust versus threat. We’ll meet weekly on Zoom in an online classroom and teach and guide you through exercises to support you in creating a shift around challenging issues in your life.

You’ll learn...

  • What conscious leadership is
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat
  • How to identify your threat patterns
  • Tools to shift from threat to trust


This event is for organizational leaders to explore the core concepts and models of conscious leadership. We introduce the basic tools we use to eliminate drama, build trust, and create conscious cultures. You will explore a professional relationship challenge and learn how you can permanently shift the pattern.

This event is highly experiential. You’ll engage in multiple exercises in pairs and triads with follow-up full group debriefs. Your vulnerability and authenticity will support a richer learning experience for all.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • What conscious leadership is
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat
  • How to identify your own threat patterns
  • Technologies for shifting from threat to trust.


A gateway to full aliveness

Welcome. You’re here because you've trained or coached with us, and we want to invite you to our first ever Integrity Boot Camp. If you choose to occupy one of the twenty spots in this Integrity Bootcamp, you will be accepted and challenged like never before. There will be no room for hiding or holding back. We will practice with you like we practice in our inner circle. 

The sessions will be recorded and made available to participants.

On being accepted…

Our team are masters of radical acceptance, which is prerequisite for successful challenge. You cannot shift what you cannot accept. We accept just as fiercely as we challenge. If this sounds intense to you that’s because it is. It creates a whole nervous system reorganization, which is no small thing. You’ll need to allow this to happen in order to build the capacity to let full aliveness run through your being. 

On being challenged…

You will be challenged to face, feel and deal with things you have wanted to avoid, perhaps for your whole life.


We cannot express enough that this experience will be edgy, provocative, and demanding of your full participation from head, heart, and body. You will be entering a temple that requires you to welcome discomfort and to surrender to the unknown in order to liberate your full aliveness. 

On full aliveness…

Full aliveness is the experience of being present, unencumbered, and free. From full aliveness, we respond to every moment in an improvisational dance with life. Most of us block the flow of full aliveness through habitual contraction. For many, conditioning has socialized us to prioritize fitting in, playing along, and definitely not making waves. We choose to play it socially safe versus experiencing full aliveness. Being alive is messy; most of our families of origin, educational systems, and cultural norms didn’t value messy non-linear paths and choices, which is almost always key to the path that leads to full aliveness.

We use The 4 Pillars of Integrity to map how we contract and block flow, leaving us feeling less than fully alive and available to the moment.

If you’re ready to handle your integrity breaches—especially the ones that scare the hell out of you—and to live in your full aliveness and claim inner freedom, we would love to have you join us.

On your leaders…

CLG Co-Founders Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman, along with a team of our most seasoned coaches at the Conscious Leadership Group.

Your Teachers

Your Teacher

Jim Dethmer
Delivers keynotes, leads forums, trains coaches, creates content, spreads love.
Diana Chapman
Coaches CEOs, shifts cultures, trains coaches, creates content, wakes us up.
Deb Katz
Deb Katz has more than twenty years experience pioneering new models in conscious leadership in the organizational world. She coaches leaders 1-1, facilitates teams, and consults for organizational and cultural transformation.
Jim Fallon
Jim Fallon bridges his coaching training and experience with over 25 years of executive (CEO/President) leadership. He’s led multiple companies, been involved in a wide range of industries, worked abroad, and provided strategy consulting to multiple Fortune 500 companies. He has been a member of YPO for 10 years where he’s moderated multiple forums.
Erica Schreiber
Visions and lays tracks, listens, inspires alignment, leads team to execute.
Kate Hutson
Kate Hutson coaches leaders and teams to grow in awareness of personality and relationship patterns, resulting in decreased drama, streamlined productivity, and aligned vision. Known for her challenging and playful presence, she creates the conditions for her clients to experience radical transformation and arrive at actionable solutions.
Michael Norton
An Enneagram and conscious leadership facilitator and teacher, Michael coaches teams and leaders from a range of industries using somatic, vocal, improvisational, and consciousness tools. He reliably balances depth and humor, drawing clients to his warmth, compassion, and willingness to be with even the most uncomfortable experiences.



How much does the event cost?
$5500, including room and meals

Who do I contact if I have questions? 
CLG Team at hello@conscious.is

What are the prerequisites to participate in the Integrity BootCamp?

  • Attending A Taste of Conscious Leadership or An Introduction to Conscious Leadership. Working with a CLG coach, participated in a corporate CLG training.
  • Reading or listening to our book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership 
  • 4-5 hours of pre work to be assigned after being offered a seat for the event
  • Creating the conditions so that you will be able to be offline from everyone for the entirety of the event. Cell phones will be turned in. Alcohol and marijuana are excluded from this event.

What are the agreements to participate in the Integrity BootCamp?

This is deep work that we’ll be embarking on together. We’ll be entering into a transformational space, which is different from a healing space. We are coaches, not therapists. We will be pushing edges around ego identity, which can feel destabilizing. The destabilization is ultimately in service of greater aliveness. Yet it can cause more harm than good if your psychological and emotional foundation isn't sound. If you have deep unresolved trauma, this will not be a friendly setting. 

Mental Wellbeing Agreement 

  • Should deeper psychological triggers get activated, I agree to take responsibility for getting outside support from a medical or psychological professional. I understand that this is not a therapy circle.

I agree to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being throughout the program.
  • Stay curious in the face of all challenging feedback, including looking at the opposite of all of my stories.
  • Do all required homework assignments
  • participate for the entire training, including arriving on time and staying until the end.
  • Turn in my Phone upon arrival 
  • Complete all my Homework before ….

Can I be removed from a Integrity BootCamp?
Yes. If you do not honor the agreements that you’ve agreed to, the coaching team can choose to remove you from the bootcamp. If this occurs, there will be no refunds, either partial or full.

Will you support in coordinating travel?
No, it is your responsibility to get to and from the event. 

Do you offer refunds? 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Do you offer scholarships?
No, not at this time

Recommended Reading

Required Reading

Refund Policy

7 days: Attendees can receive refunds up to 7 days before the event start date.


The online course made the book come alive. The practice each week and small group discussion was absolutely inspiring and helpful. Jim and Diana are clearly very skilled with these practices.
Kari Keith
Crystal Lake School District 47, Director of Multilingual Programs
Diana has been moderating our forum for several years now and the difference before and after she came aboard as facilitator is night and day. We have made incredible breakthroughs individually and as a group and I credit Diana entirely with making that happen. She has a deeply thoughtful framework for helping people shift their perspectives on important life issues and is strong, supportive, insightful and masterful at helping you face your demons. If you are willing to dig deep to become a better person, Diana is the guide you want by your side for that journey.
Jason Green
Emergence Capital, Founding General Partner
Getting committed to being below the line was very powerful. Saying - I'm committed to my family not cleaning the house. It was hard but so good. Seeing that the opposite can be true - HUGE. Being coached to allow and release my anger was potent. I will use this with my son for sure!! This was honestly one of the very best courses I've ever taken. And I almost never say or think that - maybe I have a persona there :) Thank you so much!
Niko Everett
Everett Consulting & Coaching, CEO
Event Details
Integrity Boot Camp
Santa Cruz, CA
March 11-14, 2024
Start at 1PM PT on the 11th, End at Noon PT on the 14th
$5500, includes room & meals
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