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Account Manager (Executive Assistant)

Posted August 4, 2023 / Apply button is at bottom of this page

Role Mission

To support our coaches to shine and create an exquisite experience for our clients (CEOs, Founders, other heads of organizations, and their teams).

Who we are

A mission-driven small highly self aware organization with lots of heart and hustle. Our mission is to support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world. We live and practice what we teach in the world. Most find our work radical; the same goes for working on our team. We play edges and are always challenging ourselves and one another to up our game both in terms of professional contributions and consciousness.

Our coaching team includes some of the most masterful conscious leadership coaches in our industry.

Our business team (the AM’s team) includes a diverse group of professionals who rely on one another—and close relationships with the coaches and partners—to create an innovative, highly-productive, connected, and conscious work environment.

Who you are

You’re warm and empathetic, relationally focused, and are naturally drawn to support roles. You delight in organization, are a superlative written and verbal communicator, and naturally anticipate needs. You’re an action-oriented, direct, confident, and efficient contributor. Tech savvy is a non-negotiable. You need to be able to stay focused and grounded while tracking lots of details. You have a high EQ and are interested in personal growth and development.

Position Summary

Account Managers (AMs) are responsible for the administrative support that makes the exquisite delivery of CLG programs and services possible. AMs connect coaches, clients, and our team to keep the accurate free flow of information current by supporting the logistics of service delivery including scheduling, payment status, proposals and agreements, and client communications. Each AM partners with a group of CLG Coaches to support them to shine in their roles. AMs and their coaches develop right-hand-person relationships where one is indispensable to the other.


  • Provide administrative support to assigned coaches, schedule and calendar management, drafting written communication, record keeping in Hubspot, and technical support for virtual events on Zoom as needed.
  • Prepare proposals, agreements, and deals for clients in support of your coaches.
  • Provide administrative support for a variety of meetings, including preparing materials, coordinating logistics, and maintaining notes.
  • Monitor social media, including staying up to date on client achievements.
  • Coordinate with Accounting to ensure client billing needs are met and fulfilled.
  • Plan and manage travel arrangements.
  • Support research, prep and coordination for projects as needed.
  • Coordinate all logistics and communications for 1:1 Coaching, Conscious Culture Programs, Forums, Speaking Engagements, and Podcast Interviews.
  • Maintain your coaches’ CLG website pages, including logo promotion, client quotes, and other general information.
  • Track Client Referrals

Experience and Background

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar role that is client facing
  • Zoom facilitation
  • Familiar with software: CMS, Mac IOS, Asana, Hubspot, G Suite, EventBrite, Typeform, LMS, Slack and PandaDoc. Webflow and Canva a plus, not required.


  • Full-time, 100 percent virtual, exempt
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST
  • Flexible vacation and sick time


  • Range: $50,000 to $65,000
  • Salary based on education, skills, and experience

Conscious Leadership Brand Overview


We exist to support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.
The mission is fueled by the desire to reduce suffering on the planet. 

For Now…

For now, we support organizational leaders, then their circles of influence.
We envision expansion into related areas, like conscious leadership in the home.

Our Ideal Clients

Visionary pioneers who are willing to question the status quo, experiment, take risks, have a desire to contribute, and share the sense that there’s a more enlivening, authentic, and sustainable way to live and lead. 

Our Audience

Lifelong learners when it comes to transformation, personal growth, and peak performance. They possess lead through innovation and to innovate through leadership.

We Provide

Coaching and consulting, lead forums, certify coaches, speak, and write. 

We Create

More energy, deeper connection, increased creativity, confidence, awareness, presence, engagement, love, and sustainable transformation.

We Value

Radical Responsibility / Curiosity / Authenticity / Integrity / Play / Ease

We Believe

You always have choice / You create your reality / In the power of play / Suffering is optional / Being human is being messy / In telling the truth

We do all of this while easefully making more than enough money to do everything we want to do.