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Director of Client Services (Remote)

Posted June 10, 2021 / Apply button is at bottom of this page

Role Mission

To provide exquisite service and support to our clients (CEOs, Founders, other heads of organizations, and their teams) while coordinating with sales, vendors, and our team for seamless product (1:1 coaching, Forums, team facilitation, and speaking) delivery.


  • 100% Remote Position
  • Full-time 9AM-5PM PT


  • Have 5—Ideally 10—years of client services experience. 
  • Looking for a long-term position that includes growth over time
  • Direct and Warm
  • Proactive, self starter, comfortable with ambiguity
  • Highly Organized
  • Respond quickly and accurately with many balls in the air
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Able to hold both the big picture and the details
  • Great with numbers: know your way around a PnL, data research, and reporting
  • Avid researcher
  • Project management experience
  • Comfortable saying no when needed
  • Track large amount of details while staying focused and grounded

Key Outcomes

  • Ensure customers have exquisite experience from beginning of contact to end of engagement.
  • Communication: Coordinate with Sales and coaches, craft emails, create proposals and agreements, determine pricing, answer client questions, create email sequences, scheduling, and anything else needed to facilitate clear communication, ease, and flow.

  • Anticipate needs of clients and team

  • Lead metrics tracking and reporting, including refining and/or setting up processes.
  • Track metrics in Hubspot, QCommission, and coordinate with bookkeeping team.

  • Lead communication clearly and effectively with clients, our internal team, and vendors

  • Create and/or improve client services processes and collaborating across divisions.

  • Coordinate client services projects on time, within budget and scope.

  • Hire and Manage Client Services Assistant within 4-months of your start 

Software and Apps

  • Hubspot
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Mailchimp
  • GSuite
  • Pandadoc 
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Pages



Additional Info

  • Report to Co-Founder

Conscious Leadership Brand Overview


We exist to support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.
The mission is fueled by the desire to reduce suffering on the planet. 

For Now…

For now, we support organizational leaders, then their circles of influence.
We envision expansion into related areas, like conscious leadership in the home.

Our Ideal Clients

Visionary pioneers who are willing to question the status quo, experiment, take risks, have a desire to contribute, and share the sense that there’s a more enlivening, authentic, and sustainable way to live and lead. 

Our Audience

Lifelong learners when it comes to transformation, personal growth, and peak performance. They possess lead through innovation and to innovate through leadership.

We Provide

Coaching and consulting, lead forums, certify coaches, speak, and write. 

We Create

More energy, deeper connection, increased creativity, confidence, awareness, presence, engagement, love, and sustainable transformation.

We Value

Radical Responsibility / Curiosity / Authenticity / Integrity / Play / Ease

We Believe

You always have choice / You create your reality / In the power of play / Suffering is optional / Being human is being messy / In telling the truth

We do all of this while easefully making more than enough money to do everything we want to do.