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Apply to a CLG San Francisco Forum

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with CLG frameworks

• Watch the following 3 minute videos

Locating Yourself
Content Vs. Context
Drama Triangle vs. Presence
What's Your Hidden Iceberg?

• Read the Intro and Commitments 1-6 in The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

• Review The 15 Commitments Handout

• Attend a Taste of Conscious Leadership (optional but highly encouraged)

Step 2: Learn about Forum logistics and agreements

• Read Forum F.A.Q. document

• Confirm that you are willing to honor all of the agreements to be part of the group (they are non-negotiable!)

Step 3: Complete an application

• Complete the application below

Step 4: Attend an Introduction to Forum

• Contact to join an Introduction to Forum / group interview call

Step 5: Upon acceptance, receive an invitation to join a specific Forum

• Review the names of your fellow forum mates in your acceptance email to make sure there are no conflicts of interest

• Confirm dates so you are confident you can attend 8 of the 10 sessions

• Contact to confirm you want to join

• Pay your invoice to secure your spot

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