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June 2020

Owning our Racism + Conscious Activism

The three of us who lead CLG and send out these emails are white. We are aware that being white creates a very different experience of reality than people of color experience, especially black people. We practice and teach that our results—not our words or intentions or even our actions—demonstrate what we're committed to.

Based on the reality that systemic racism exists, we want to acknowledge that we are (unconsciously) committed to it existing. We are consciously committed to taking responsibility for our part in creating these results.

We are practicing conscious activism by listening to people of all colors and perspectives, educating ourselves about racism, and facing how we are creating a shared reality where systemic deep-rooted racism continues to exist. Conscious activism means we're paying attention to context first. Check out our step-by-step guide for practicing conscious activism.

Jim wrote about his personal experience being a white person and facing his own racism. His perspective dovetails with how we’re practicing conscious leadership around the topic of racism at CLG.

We are uncomfortable. We are devoted to staying with our discomfort and learning from it.

With love,

Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Erica Schreiber
CLG Partners



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