Austin Forum Application

There are a few agreements that we ask that you make with the group as a requirement for joining a CLG Forum.
  1. Attend 8 out of 10 meetings
  2. Attend the 2.5 day retreat
  3. Have a ½ hour call with your learning partner week
  4. Post your weekly update and responses to updates on the discussion board by Sunday at 8:00PM
  5. Have a 10 minute meditation practice 5-7 days a week
There are two commitments about how you show up that are a requirement for joining a CLG Forum.
  1. To be deeply curious and willing to question all of your beliefs
  2. To commit to giving and receiving direct feedback with peers and the facilitator
If accepted into forum, to whom should an invoice be sent? (name and email address)
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Regional Forum

A group of like-minded organizational leaders who come together to practice consciousness and conscious leadership together.

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