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Conscious Business Superconnector

Bethany Davis

Bethany Davis is a dynamo coach, facilitator, speaker, and (conscious) business superconnector. She possesses a rare balance of innovation and execution that makes her a brilliant activist, advocate, and change agent for herself, clients, and the world. Clients, audiences, and creative partners are drawn to her boundless energy, sharp insight, compassion, and business and leadership acumen. Bethany has spoken at dozens of conferences, and has delivered over sixty talks and keynotes.

In addition to coaching and speaking, Bethany’s professional background spans government relations, environmental activism, sustainability, and professional development in the natural products industry. Bethany was instrumental in partnering with CLG to develop and execute a Conscious Culture Program at MegaFood—where she has been a leader for nine years—before she joined our team.  

Bethany holds an M.S. in Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She sits on the American Botanical Council Board, the American Herbal Products Association Board of Trustees and is the President for the Coalition for Supplement Sustainability. 

Bethany is passionate about applying and extending conscious leadership to conscious parenting, as a parent, advocate, and coach. She is the mother of two vibrant young boys and lives in Beverly, MA.


Bethany Davis

Bethany's passion for conscious leadership is not only contagious but inspiring. Just being around her makes you want to be a better person and leader. She will challenge you, which is what we all need to help burst through our upper limits. I couldn't recommend Bethany more highly
Robert Craven
Findaway Adventures, CEO
As a coach Bethany has helped me become more self-aware. She can drill down to the context of an issue with genuine empathy and help identify where I am below the line. Bethany guides me to feel my feelings all the way through, and assists me in accurately locating myself on the Drama Triangle. She then explores my willingness to accept myself and shift, and offers grace and guidance if I am not ready. I have found her coaching style to be direct and caring, and her coaching has made a positive impact on my life both personally and professionally.
Mindy Kaplan
Lou Malnati's, Senior Director of Communication and Leadership
Bethany brings inherent generosity, patience, insightfulness and grace to the learned skills of conscious communication. The result is a coaching process that digs deeply beyond the things we think we know about ourselves into the unconscious personas we bring into our interactions. From this new awareness come practical steps toward enacting more conscious behaviors in our most important relationships.
Bill Giebler
Nutrition Business Journal, Managing Editor
It’s no secret that this work is radical, and can be very uncomfortable. Bethany has always made me feel comfortable asking questions, and responding authentically to challenges that arise to make this work feel approachable. Her enthusiasm and vulnerability makes participants feel safe, and gives them the confidence to push outside their comfort zone: where the real magic happens.
Christine Nesheim
Megafood, Learning and Development
Bethany is calm and grounded in her coaching, while also bringing powerful strength. In the midst of challenging work she maintains laser focus on the core issue, bringing me back again and again. One of the most impactful aspects of Bethany’s coaching style is that she is able to hold space for anything that comes up. When coaching with Bethany, all thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are welcome and accepted. I was able to make quick progress on long-term issues I have been dealing with and experience shifts.
Michelle Jones
Livenow, Inc., Executive Coach
Bethany is a very approachable, down to earth, non-judgmental person. It completely translates to her coaching style. I can say with confidence that the coaching sessions that I had with Bethany created improvement in the issues I was facing and allowed me to see them from a more creative angle.
Anastasia Jones
Megafood, Regulatory Specialist
Bethany is kind, patient, playful, creative and confident as a coach and supporting people to develop an understanding of Conscious Leadership practices. She has helped me uncover areas where I still struggle that has enabled me to gain clarity when I’m stuck and take steps to take responsibility for my progress. I have been doing a LOT of work in the drama triangle, and her encouragement is helping loosen so many old patterns... I highly recommend Bethany’s coaching!
Jill Taylor
Megafood, Sales Director
I had an experience of profound inner healing and realization as a result of an exchange I shared with Bethany Davis. She brought her gifts of deep and active listening, insight, patience, wisdom, and spiritual guidance to me in a vulnerable moment of need. Bethany navigated my intense emotions in response to a difficult and deeply personal event, with something I can only describe as grace. She asked me questions around my misplaced fury and judgement with gentleness...yet also with directness and precision. Bethany helped me let go of the pain I was experiencing and saw the opportunity for me to release my fear. For that, I am so grateful.
John Francis Maher
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Assistant Rector
To know Bethany is to understand yourself more. Your leadership and strengths become clearer. Her coaching will challenge you to step into what is in you and create what you want. She is gifted in emotional intelligence and sensing what is most needed. I have coached with Bethany for a few years. We have experienced leading a retreat and coaching forums. Bethany sees beyond what is being said and calls out truth; her questions shift perspectives and transform lives.
Debra Sunderland
Sunderland Coaching, Owner
There have been only a few times in my life that I have experienced someone with such passion, conviction, and drive around embodying conscious awareness. Bethany does this in the world, for herself, and for her clients. Using the 15 Commitments she challenges me to lean into difficult places while holding loving presence. Her passion for this work is palatable. As a coach she is a changemaker, and I am so grateful to work with her and know her.
Gina Urzi
Executive Conscious Leadership Coach
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