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Brendan Geary

Brendan brings over 25 years of experience in senior roles in people development and leadership. He works with clients to up their game by building self-awareness, supporting individuals and teams in identifying how they are creating current results, clarifying their vision, and mapping out next steps to achieve their desired outcomes. 

His broad experience includes a strategic awareness and depth of practice that encourages genuine transformation while effectively facing challenges, complexity, and change.

Brendan brings curiosity, compassion, candor, play, and an inspiring presence to his coaching engagements.  Key components of his approach include slowing down, reflecting, and taking the right next steps - along with a touch of serious play - creating the conditions for his clients to experience sustainable change. He believes change happens when people connect to their most heartfelt wishes, whatever they may be. 

Brendan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the National University of Ireland as well as a M.Sc. in Organizational Psychology from the Queen’s University of Belfast. Prior to his Coaches Training with CLG, Brendan studied with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching as well as with CRR Global where he was trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching.


Brendan Geary

After a handful of sessions with Brendan, I was aligning with partners and securing clear agreements that significantly improved trust in my business partnerships. With Brendan's insightful and patient guidance, I am showing up as an open, curious leader which helps my team innovate and make decisions. Brendan has a unique ability to unpack complexity and has taught me to consciously take responsibility and value different perspectives creating stability so the teams I work with enjoy the process of getting things done.
Tami Ragsdale
Verizon, Director of Project Management
After beginning coaching sessions with Brendan, I was seeking guidance in establishing and accomplishing business objectives. Balancing both my professional and personal life, I had become consumed with stress and anxiety, which made it challenging to make progress towards my goals. However, with Brendan's assistance, I was not only able to attain my targets, but also make significant progress in my personal growth and transformation. His approach encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of my business and personal life, which enabled me to be more present, engaged, and energized in all aspects of my life. I transitioned from just surviving to thriving with a positive mindset, thanks to Brendan's exceptional coaching.
Eric Godoy
Realtor/Team Leader at RE/MAX
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