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Jim Placio

Jim Placio coaches leaders and teams to catalyze organizational change by focusing on key conscious leadership skills.  

Jim was a Senior Managing Director and Head of the Chicago office of Macquarie—Australia’s largest investment bank—for ten years. During that time he developed his own conscious leadership skills leading his team as he formally trained to coach other leaders. He retired from investment banking in 2018 to dedicate himself full time to conscious leadership consulting.

Jim’s clients before joining the CLG team include Abundant Venture Partners, Avia, Lou Malnati’s and the Colony Group as well as executives in various stages of their career and personal and leadership development.  

Jim holds a BS in accounting from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He’s currently a Director with the Western Golf Association / Evans Scholarship program.

Jim lives in Chicago with his wife and two children.


Jim Placio

Jim has been very impactful in our business. We asked Jim to help mentor and coach a few of our high potential leaders. The results were noticeable right away. Jim has the ability to challenge and inspire at the same time, a powerful combination. He has my unequivocal endorsement for a results oriented coach for anyone looking to grow.
Mark Agnew
Lou Malnati’s, President
Jim’s deep experience with and application of the principles of conscious leadership have provided a great pathway for our team’s journey into greater self awareness through The 15 Commitments. Jim’s energy and presence create a very safe container for our groups to dive deep, deeper than I ever would have ever imagined with a business group.
Ron Rubin
The Colony Group; President, Vice Chairman, and Chief Culture Officer
I worked with Jim for 14 years, and got to see him evolve as a leader and a coach. He is a testament of what can happen if you fully believe in the 15 commitments of conscious leadership. The investment banking culture is the poster child for a below the line culture. Jim shifted to an above the line leadership philosophy midway through our time working together which helped our team gel immensely and accomplish a number of significant goals. Jim was able to create a culture of trust/openness/teamwork via his own vulnerability, open communications and thoughtfulness. I credit Jim with giving me the guidance and courage to make the leap from corporate America to start my own investing firm.
Chris Eckstrom
Rock River Capital Partners, Co-Founder; Macquarie, Former Managing Director
Jim is an incredible coach and my work with him was the key factor in my capacity to successfully lead our business through the pandemic and then later through the challenges of integrating a new business while the team continued to operate remotely.
Dave Newberry
ConData, CEO
Jim's insightful probing and active willingness to support me, provide me with role modeling and the motivation to lead my team so they may in turn lead others.
Joaquin Cepeda
Clinicos, CEO
Jim is an exceptional listener and questioner. He interprets one's words, non-verbal cues and remembers prior knowledge gathered on a person. With that, he asks deeply insightful questions and in exploring those questions, clarity and/or peace of mind emerges for coachee.
Alvaro Orbes
Rentandes, CEO
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