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Katerina Kan

Katerina is the Events & Communications Coordinator at CLG. She is inspired daily by the core values and mission, and feels that her contribution to the company is fueling a broader change she wishes to see and be in the world.

Katerina is a visionary entrepreneur focused on building a sustainable global paradigm in business and communication. She applies the principles of symbiosis and energy optimization to her background in administration, management, commerce, and customer service.

The underlying intention for her work is compassion, growth, integrity, and truth.

In her free time, Katerina enjoys ecstatic dance, practicing traditional Chinese feng shui, theta energy healing, community gatherings, adventuring up and down the West coast, trail running in the redwoods, float tanks, meditation, and writing. She was born in Ukraine, raised in Boston, Massachusetts, and lives in Oakland, California.


Katerina Kan

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Katerina Kan
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