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Semira Rahemtulla

Semira Rahemtulla is a tech startup founder turned coach. She coaches leaders and their teams, with specialized experience with startup founders and co-cofounders.

Semira’s background as a startup founder and software engineer gives her deep insight into the challenges unique to fast-growing companies. She supports leaders in building rapport and trust, communicating effectively, deepening their self-awareness, and increasing their emotional intelligence and empathy. Teams who work with Semira learn how to  improve their communication, strengthen their relationship and trust in one another, and get the best out of their partnership.

Her clients think of her as one of their best thought partners, their strongest ally, and a trusted guide that has catalyzed their personal growth.

Semira holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and an Ed.M. in Technology and Education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She is on the board of Challenge Day, a social-emotional development and inclusivity program offered to tens of thousands of students a year. She lives in Pacifica with her husband and two daughters, Sophia and Ariana. When she’s not coaching, you’ll find her singing, swimming, surfing, baking elaborate birthday cakes, and teaching her daughters Conscious Leadership.


Semira Rahemtulla

Working with Semira is like being given a chance to go into the Matrix -- a chance to get beneath the surface and read the source code of our minds and our interactions as a team. Semira manages to make it comfortable for me to (1) find the patterns of my own behaviors, (2) see the impact that my actions have on my friends and co-workers, and (3) learn and practice new behaviors that help me achieve my goals.
Noah Helman
CSO and Co-founder, Industrial Microbes (YC W15)
Taking the time to process my thoughts with Semira is extraordinarily valuable. She is a wise coach with deep understanding of startups and product. I trust her. She has helped me distill and crystalize what I'm learning every day in my work.
Laura Hale
Head of Product and Co-founder, Ladder
Semira has an incredible gift for insights into people and relationships, the same way Steve Jobs had a gift for product insight
Eric Norman
CEO and Co-founder, Cinder (YC W15)
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