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Conscious Culture Program

A 6 Month Experience / Commitments 1-7 of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

This six month program is for organizations who are devoted to eliminating drama and creating high trust cultures. Each month a CLG facilitator introduces a new commitment during an onsite and walks your team through its implementation. Weekly emails between onsites provide content and exercises to deepen your experience and understanding of the commitments. We provide leave behinds and easily actionable practices for both individuals and teams to integrate the commitment.

Who is it for?

Organizations who are willing to walk the talk of creating a conscious culture, including encouraging their team members to engage with the material on a daily basis. We typically start with the most senior leadership team. As they begin to integrate what they’re learning with their direct reports, we can come in to provide programs for larger groups of team members. For smaller organizations, we often train the whole team together. We’ll advise you on the right approach for your organization.

What are the benefits?

Team members at client companies who integrate conscious leadership experience a greater sense of wellbeing. Expect team members to experience more energy, creativity, and connection as they learn to live these commitments at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Our clients notice that conflicts are resolved more easily, drama declines significantly, and people feel more empowered, included, and valued. Work becomes a better place to be and stress levels go down, so unproductive and sick days decrease. All of this adds up to talent attraction, acquisition, and retention.

Organizations that learn to create win for all solutions through conscious leadership training enjoy an increase in both employee engagement and brand reputation, both of which influence the bottom line.

What is the time commitment?

One day introduction. Seven monthly onsite sessions over six months. 1-2 hours a week to practice and integrate.

How will it be challenging?

This process requires your willingness to learn and your courage to play on your edge. Expect to be uncomfortable.

We will challenge you to take responsibility for your results.  We will ask you to feel emotions, and to take the time to really listen and have difficult conversations.  We’re going to look at where you aren’t keeping your agreements and support you to make sustainable changes to those patterns.  A commitment to a daily 10 minute meditation practice is recommended for all participants.

Those who are willing to take these courageous steps will reap the rewards of this transformational training.

Learn More

Contact us at [email protected] to set up a time to talk about bringing The Conscious Culture Program into your company.

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