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Regional and Organizational Forums, YPO Facilitation.

What is a Forum? 

A conscious leadership forum is a laboratory: a place to practice consciousness and conscious leadership with a group of like-minded leaders. The intention is to support each member to live his or her life's purpose in a way that is deeply enjoyable. Forums are led by certified CLG facilitators, in contrast with peer moderated groups such as YPO. To learn more about a Forum you can download the Forum FAQ here.

Why join a Forum? 

Because leaders share many of the same challenges, one person’s work is everyone's work, which makes group learning very efficient for all. Not only is group learning efficient, but there is also a relief and light-heartedness that comes with realizing you are not alone in your challenges. Joe Greenstein, co-founder of InnerSpace—and CLG SF Forum member—says, "I just think of it as fun. I see it on my calendar and I look forward to it."

Regional Forums

There are CLG Forums in major cities across the country, and new Forums are constantly forming. 

To learn more about CLF Forums download the Forum FAQ here.

Introduction to Forum events and Forums that are forming with spaces available are listed on our Events Page

Contact us to discuss setting up a Forum in your city, or to curate your own Forum group with other leaders you already know.

Organizational Forums

We offer forums for leadership teams within organizations to support relational connections, conscious leadership skills, and peer feedback.  

Contact us to discuss setting up one or more Forums in your organization.

YPO Facilitation

We offer one to two-day retreats for Forums and Chapters to teach the basics of facilitating one another to permanently resolve your issues.  Members will learn how they are unconsciously supporting members to recirculate issues in their lives. We empower Forums to practice on their own by providing very specific structures for self-facilitation. Finally we provide new themes to explore which shift the Forums attention to focusing on problems to exploring new and unimagined possibilities

Contact us to hire a CLG coach for your Forum.

CLG Forum is a YPO/WPO forum on steroids. Most folks are all too comfortable telling the same story, both to themselves and others, again and again. With CLG, I’ve seen real transformation. The honesty, authenticity, freedom and integrity I find in this forum is unlike any other forum experience I have had. It’s life changing, and not just for the participants. Friends, co-workers and, most importantly, family and significant others are all happier. It’s the real deal.
Jeff Brothers
CEO, Sol Orchard
I intellectually grasped consciousness before joining CLG, but often struggled to maintain it in my everyday life. CLG Forum provided me with a community of supportive like minded leaders who are committed to practicing together. Friends and family reflect that I'm more present, relaxed and enjoyable to be around. My experience is that I make better decisions and feel much lower levels of stress.
Jim Placio - Forum
Senior Managing Director, Macquarie
“I spent several years in a YPO forum meeting wonderful people and creating great memories, but it has been my CLG Forum has been a catalyst for massive change in every area of my life; personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. I now experience more love and joy on a daily basis than at any other time in my life.”
Nathan Olivas - Forum
Former CEO, Progeny
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