Radical Support Webinar March 2020

Webinar Recording

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Resources from the Webinar

We gathered tools from our resource library related to the themes Jim and Diana discussed so you can put them into practice.

Conscious Breathing

Ready to give it a try? Listen to this guided meditation.


Emotional intelligence is key to being able to stay present and aware in the midst of change.

Want more resources on feeling your feelings? Find them here.

From Blame to Taking Responsibility

Use this handout to learn how you are the creator of your experience.

Listen to this guided meditation on how to end blame.

Want more resources on ending blame? Find them here.

Sorting the Files

Read this blog post about what's in your control and what isn't.

Use this handout to sort what's under your control and what isn't.

Want more resources on approval, control, and security? Find them here.

Fact and Story

Use this handout to differentiate fact from story.

Want more resources on candor? Find them here.

Conscious Leadership

It begins with you.

We recommend starting with these three steps:

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