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Conscious Leadership Coaching

The speed of transformation for individuals and organizations goes up dramatically when leaders are being coached one on one. Our coaches are expert at applying the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to specific situations in your work and personal life. We value 1:1 coaching so highly that we won't go in an organization to work with a team until we've coached the top leader and are convinced that he or she is dedicated to creating a conscious culture. (Learn more about organizational consulting here).

Initial Coaching Sequence

Our initial sequence includes up to (6) 1-hour sessions over the course of 3 months. You'll decide with your coach if your sessions will be on the phone or Zoom (video). Your coach will be available for laser coaching (texts, emails, calls to work through issues as they arise in real time) throughout your coaching period.

Enneagram Assessment

Highly recommended
We believe the Enneagram is a key to building self awareness, and supports your coach to guide you more efficiently in relationship to your core personality patterns.

Leader 360

Highly recommended
Our 360 consists of (8) 30 minute calls. Email assessments will be given to an additional 10-15 people for feedback. You'll receive a report with a summary and actionable recommendations that your coach will review with you via phone or Zoom.

Coach Matching Process

1. We match you with three potential coaches.
2. We'll email introduce you to each of the coaches to set up chemistry calls (no cost).
3. If you decide to move forward, let us know whom you'd like to coach with.
4. We'll communicate your choice with the coaches you interviewed.
5. We'll send a coaching agreement.
6. You'll schedule your coaching sessions directly with your coach.

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Genius and Purpose Coaching

Erica Schreiber, CLG partner and Chief Impact Officer, works with forward-thinking leaders who are devoted to living in their zone of genius and aligning with purpose. Her clients seek insight and loving challenge—from outside their usual circles—to go all the way with who they are and what they’re here to do. They rely on her ability to see them in a way they've never been seen, articulate who they are and what is theirs to do, and to lay out action steps to live a life aligned with genius and purpose.