We exist to support the expansion of

conscious leadership in the world.

Who is the Conscious Leadership Group?

We are partners.

We partner with you to reduce drama, attract and retain top talent, and increase engagement by teaching practical tools and frameworks your teams can easily integrate to create a best place to work.

We are transformers.

We transform your leadership and culture by challenging business as usual by revealing unconscious beliefs and behaviors in playful and provocative ways.

We are visionaries.

We envision a sustainable, win-for-all world where radical responsibility, curiosity, authenticity, integrity, ease are the norm in business and in relationships.

From the Founders

The Partners

Jim Dethmer

Delivers keynotes, leads forums, trains coaches, creates content, spreads love.

Diana Chapman

Coaches CEOs, shifts cultures, trains coaches, creates content, wakes us up.

Erica Schreiber

Visions and lays tracks, listens, inspires alignment, leads team to execute.

The Consultants

Business Team

Jennifer Mangali
Creator of Operational Development
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Jacklyn Henley
Creator of Client Design
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Bethany Davis
Conscious Business Superconnector
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Danielle Walter
Sr. Account Manager
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Jennie Serrano
Partner Project Manager
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Evan Hill
Events Coordinator
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We create...

More energy
Deeper connection
Increased creativity
Full engagement
Love (Yes, we said love)
Sustainable transformation

We believe...

You always have a choice
You create your reality
In the power of play
Suffering is optional
Being human is being messy
In telling the truth
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