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Steps to Create a Conscious Culture in Your Organization

Our work is being used inside organizations including Asana, Leo Burnett Group, Genentech, World Bank, Kauffman Fellows, Greenville Health Systems, SAP, and more.

Read the steps below to find out how you can bring conscious leadership to your company. 

Step 1: Introduction to Conscious Leadership Training

This event is for leaders and their teams to explore the core concepts and models of conscious leadership. We introduce the foundational technologies we use to eliminate drama, build trust, and create conscious cultures.

This event is highly experiential.  Participants will engage in multiple exercises in pairs and triads with follow-up full group debriefs.  Each participant will explore a professional or personal relationship challenge and learn how they can permanently shift the pattern. We use the same principles to explore a team dynamic of the group’s choosing.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of what conscious leadership is, the difference between leading from trust vs. threat, how to identify their own threat patterns, and technologies for shifting from threat to trust.

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Step 2: Conscious Leadership Assessment 

How conscious is your culture? 

There are two parts to the assessment process: Culture 360 and Enneagram. Together they allow us to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your culture and team through the lens of conscious leadership, including targeted recommendations for creating a more conscious culture.

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Step 3: The Conscious Culture Program

A 6 Month Experience / Commitments 1-7 of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

This in-depth program is for leadership teams who are devoted to eliminating drama and creating high trust cultures.

Each month one of our consultants introduces a new commitment during an onsite and walks your team through its implementation. Practice is the lynchpin between talking conscious leadership and walking conscious leadership. Your team will receive weekly emails between onsites and we provide posters and practice tools for each commitment to deepen and integrate the learnings.  

This training is designed to be a deeply transformational. Teams that go in with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn come out with new perspectives and technologies needed to live and lead consciously.

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Step 4: Customized Ongoing Training Events

For those who are fired up and want more.  

We’ll create a customized program based on a comprehensive review of your progress, goals, and individual organizational needs.

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At Asana, we believe that conscious leadership training is so important we give every single employee the opportunity to go through a 2-day CLG Conscious Leadership training, and many report profound changes to how they work. Because of conscious leadership, our communication is clearer and more authentic, and Asana as a company is more effective in succeeding in its mission.
Justin Rosenstein
Co-Founder, Asana
The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership is an inspirational masterpiece and a brilliant roadmap for leadership in the 21st century. Embracing conscious leadership and the 15 Commitments at my companies and in my life has led to both phenomenal success and deep personal joy.
Jim Barnett - CLG
CEO, Glint
The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership offers a new perspective on what it takes to show up in a high performing team. In our organization we get more and bigger things done when we're consciously living above the line. These ideas have transformed the way our executives see themselves and others around them, and its taking hold at every level in our health system.
Mike Riordan - CLG
CEO, Greenville Health Systems