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We support leaders and their teams to eliminate drama, build trust, and create conscious cultures.

What we do

We bring a radical new leadership conversation to the organizational world through coaching, consulting, forums, events, keynotes, and online resources.

Steps to Bring Conscious Leadership to your Culture + FAQ
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Trainings to Support Your Individual Journey
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Regional and Organizational Forums, YPO Facilitation.
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Laser focus on your challenges in leadership and life.
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Bring a conscious leadership keynote to your next event.
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Watch how the 15 Commitments Impacted This Team

What our client companies are saying

"At Asana, we've sought to develop an entire company and culture built around mindfulness; the Conscious Leadership Group has been instrumental in facilitating that endeavor. We offer new employees a chance to go through their training so we all have a common language for articulating our needs, making commitments, and addressing withholds. This makes our collaboration clearer and more authentic, and the company overall more effective in achieving its mission."
Dustin Moskovitz & Justin Rosenstein
Co-Founders, Asana
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Sunrun is working to reimagine and reshape our electricity system to be cleaner, more affordable, and resilient. This transition presents engineering, political, and societal challenges. Conscious leadership helps us reach win-win solutions from curiosity and abundance instead of fear and scarcity, which define the current industry. CLG supports us to deliver a culture of high integrity and trust that allows us to move quickly and efficiently in a large and complex industry. And with conscious leadership, work is more fun.  
Lynn Jurich
CEO, Sunrun
Our partnership with CLG is essential for turning  our vision of transforming the healthcare industry into reality. Applying the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership has led to higher performing teams. The  ability to lead and live from above the line means we get more and bigger things done. These ideas have transformed the way our executives see themselves and others, and is taking hold at every level in our health system.
Michael Riordan
CEO, Strategic Coordinating Organization, Greenville Health System
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