Courageous hearts beat together: cultivating compassion at work.

Start With Conscious Compassion

There are subtle but significant differences between experiencing compassion from trust versus threat that can elude even the most dedicated mindfulness practitioners. Read the first two chapters of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to gain more awareness be able to clearly distinguish between the two.

Download Chapters

Conscious Compassion Meditation

Can you allow, accept, and act?

There is an art and practice to cultivating conscious compassion. Jim Dethmer leads this twenty minute audio meditation that will help you gain practical and actionable understanding of  The 3 "A's" of Conscious Compassion.

Conscious Compassion Worksheet

Use this worksheet, as a companion with the meditation or on its own, to build conscious compassion for yourself and others.

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When hearts beat together, aligned action follows.

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