Conscious: Being present in a non-triggered, non-reactive state. Leadership: Taking responsibility for your influence in the world.

Become more aware and build a conscious community

What is a Conscious Leadership Circle?

  • A virtual group of 18 people who are committed to practicing conscious leadership and building a conscious community, led by a CLG coach. You will be both challenged and accepted like never before!
  • During these four months, you will deepen your understanding of Commitments 1-6 and expand your capacity to shift when you’re reactive. 
  • An important part of being in a circle is active participation on a discussion board.  Your coach will regularly support you, and members will provide feedback and inspiration for one another. 

Why join a Circle?

  • Learn to be less reactive internally and with others
  • Become more masterful at supporting others to be less reactive
  • Get consistent coaching with a CLG Coach for 4 months 
  • Receive valuable feedback from other circle members. 
  • Strengthen your ability to give valuable feedback
  • Build a conscious community with like-minded people.

Circle Interest

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How much does it cost?  $2500

Who do I contact if I have questions?  hello@conscious.is

Do you have something I can submit to my employer to request they pay for my training? 
Here's a PDF you can share.

What are the prerequisites to participate in a Circle?
Attend a Taste of Conscious Leadership or an Intro to Conscious Leadership 

If I can get a seat for an Intro or Taste that completes before the Circle begins, can I sign up for the Circle? 
Yes. If, however, you don’t attend the Intro or Taste you signed up for, you cannot join the Circle and will not receive a refund. 

What are the agreements to participate in a Circle?

I agree to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being throughout the program.
  • Stay curious in the face of all challenging feedback, including looking at the opposite of all of my stories.
  • Attend 7 of the 8 live facilitated events
  • Show up for a 30-minute learning partner practice 2x/month
  • Spend a minimum of 15 minutes per week to respond to the weekly prompts on Slack.
  • Participate from a location where the circles fall during daytime hours my local time
  • I agree to participate for the entire session, including arriving on time and staying until the end.
  • I agree to always have my camera on and to be in a space that allows me to speak freely (at times at elevated volume).

Mental Wellbeing Agreement 

  • Should deeper psychological triggers get activated, I agree to take responsibility for getting outside support from a medical or psychological professional. I understand that this is not a therapy circle.

Can I be removed from a Circle?
Yes. If you do not honor the agreements that you’ve agreed to, the Coach can choose to remove you from the Circle. If this occurs, there will be no refunds, either partial or full.

If the dates and times do not work for me to attend the European time zones Circle, can I attend one of the other Circles?
No, unless another Circle happens to be occurring during your daytime hours. 

Do you offer discounts for teams, groups, or more than one parent?
No, not at this time. 

Will the live sessions be recorded?
No. We want to support members to feel free to fully express themselves and explore edgy territory. 

Do you think it’s a good idea to join a Circle with my colleague? 
If you believe that you’re willing to be fully revealed with them in the Circle, then it’s a fine idea. If not, definitely not; you wouldn’t get the full benefits of the experience. 

Can teenagers join the General Circle? 
No. 21 is the minimum age. If you can be in a bar, you can be in a Circle. 

Do you offer refunds? 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Do you offer scholarships?
No, not at this time 

Can I get CEUs for the Circle?
We’ll provide you with a PDF to submit to your certification organization. We are not accredited by any outside certification organizations. 

I have worked with many coaches over the years that have given me life-changing ways of thinking, but I was wrestling with a new level of stuck. My first conversation with Sierra was different than any other coaching call I had. With Sierra's help a new door was opened to connecting to myself, what I wanted, the power I bring to every situation, and a newfound clarity in what was holding me back. I look back at what should have been a scary ride, but Sierra's guidance was full of the compassion that I didn't yet have for myself, paired with a bold conviction that invited me to more. My personal and work life will be forever different because Sierra was my coach. I wish everybody had the opportunity to coach with her.
Ryan Daugherty
Executive Coach at Google
Kate's knowledge and skill with the CLG model of coaching is solid. To that, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her previous work. Her coaching stance is welcoming and open and allows me space to do the work I need to on myself toward growing my leadership stance. Highly recommend Kate!
Patrick Schmitz
CEO at Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
There have been only a few times in my life that I have experienced someone with such passion, conviction, and drive around embodying conscious awareness. Bethany does this in the world, for herself, and for her clients. Using the 15 Commitments she challenges me to lean into difficult places while holding loving presence. Her passion for this work is palatable. As a coach she is a changemaker, and I am so grateful to work with her and know her.
Gina Urzi
Executive Conscious Leadership Coach
Having worked with several different coaches and therapists over the years I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with Joyce. She is operating at the highest level that coaching can offer. She has taught me invaluable lessons on how to utilize the wisdom of my body in order to gain perspective. With her coaching, I am getting to know myself on a deeper level and am able to offer an increasing amount of compassion toward myself and others. She is adept at helping her clients overcome blocks, find confidence in a leadership role, and navigate life's challenges with clarity and ease. I can't recommend her enough!
Abigail Fuller
Director, Chef’s Table
Michael is the best thing I have done for myself in the past 3 years. It is both a warm and challenging experience. With Michael, I learned the practice of knowing and accepting every part of myself, including what the motivation was for each part. We had fun as he helped me stay curious about the parts of myself I was too afraid to be with (and thanks to him I was able to understand my fear of being afraid). My relationships (including my relationship with myself) are richer and continually more clear because of the time we spent together.
Chase Adams
Founding Software Engineer