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If you want to use the Enneagram to become a more effective leader or your team wants to work with the Enneagram, we highly recommend that you and/or everyone on your team gets professionally assessed.

If you’re working with a budget, you can take the Burditt Enneagram Online Test. This can be a good starting point for exploring the Enneagram, but keep in mind that until you work with an expert, it will be difficult to determine your type with a high degree of accuracy.

Learn more and take the test here.


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Burditt Enneagram Type Assessment
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(watched some of our videos/read blogs/, read the book, attended a taste, coach with our team, consulting in your organization, etc.)

(therapy, coaching, other training programs/study) Please include how much time you have invested.


Part I
Attended a Taste of Conscious Leadership OR had at least one 1-1 coaching session with a CLG coach OR have worked with CLG in your company OR been in a CLG Forum. OR…

If none of these apply, please contact us at hello@conscious.is to let us know your experience with our work. We’ll set up a brief conversation with one of our facilitators to make sure the intensive is a good fit for you. In we accept you without prior experience, you’re required to attend A Taste of Conscious Leadership Event before the Intensive. When at all possible, we schedule a Taste the day before each Intensive begins so you can attend them in a row.

Part II
Attended Leader's Intensive Part 1 OR have a working understanding and lived experience of commitments 1-6 through other channels (e.g. worked with CLG in your organization or with a coach 1-1, attended a CLG Forum, etc.)

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