Jobs & Careers at CLG

Jobs & Careers at CLG

As we grow, so does the need for exquisite support by experts in their field. If you're looking for work—either as a part- or full-time employee or a contractor—you're in the right place. Find descriptions of what and who we're actively looking for below. We're a remote team; all positions are virtual.

If you don't see your expertise represented, we invite you to send a resumé and cover letter (written and/or video) to

We're delighted to be growing, and excited to find folks who are positioned to join us!

Jim Dethmer
Founder, Partner

Diana Chapman
Founder, Partner

Erica Schreiber

Client Services Admin Assistant

Posted 5/7/2021. Will be removed when position is filled.


  • Highly organized
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Quick, responsive, action oriented
  • Strong written communication and editing skills
  • Tech savvy. Must work on a Mac. 
  • Ideal app experience: Slack, Asana, GSuite, HubSpot, PandaDoc


  • Support Client Services
  • Assist to track clients, gigs, follow-up (Hubspot)
  • Draft Proposals (PandaDoc)
  • Draft, Send, and Compile Results of Client Feedback Surveys
  • Assist with email and email campaigns
  • Assist with community outreach (promotional and congratulatory)
  • Scheduling
  • Moderate Zoom Events (not required, but would be great)


  • 15/hours week to start, 100% Virtual 
  • 3/hours daily, at least 1/hr at start of work day
  • Working hours must align with PT

Marketing Firm

Updated April 27, 2021


Conscious Leadership Group is seeking proposals from marketing professionals for:

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Ongoing Execution 
    Social media, 2x/month Newsletter, PR: book, org, speaking, etc.

We’ve done all of our marketing in-house (with a variety of consultants) to date. With our current growth trajectory, we’re keen to find an aligned marketing partner.

Who We Are: Conscious Leadership Group (CLG)

We bring a radical new conversation about consciousness and leadership into the world through coaching, consulting, forums, speaking, and a vast library of (free and open-source) educational materials. We offer leaders and organizations a reliable path to shift from fear to trust, while drastically reducing drama in their own lives and in the organizations they lead. 

Our leadership model is based on decades of experience and practice. This 3-minute video gives an overview of the foundation. Our first book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, released in January 2015, has exceeded our expectations. The book, in addition to word of mouth, is our most valuable top-of-funnel marketing asset to date.

Digital Properties


Key Stakeholders

Erica Schreiber: Chief Impact Officer, Partner (lead for brand and communication)
Diana Chapman:
Co-Founder, Partner (internal lead for marketing channels) 

Erica Schreiber with your questions.** 

Current Structure

Erica Schreiber and Diana Chapman lead newsletter and social media production with the support of two consultants, one on newsletter, one on social media. We built CLG from the ground up starting in 2014, and all marketing has been internal (with occasional support from consultants), including our book launch in 2015 . 

Who We’re Looking For

  • Ideally, we’d like dual-expertise in both strategy and execution, though we’re open to partnering with two different vendors. The right match is most important.
  • We’re looking for a partner who has experience  with our target demographic (CEOs, C-Suite, and their organizations) and/or who can present a solid plan for how to address this audience. 
  • Aligned marketing ethos: Smartly shine a light on CLG so people who might benefit from our content and/or services know we exist, and can find a clear pathway to engage with us. We consistently receive feedback that our audience appreciates that we don’t come across as “salesy.” We want to maintain this. 
  • Able to duplicate our voice, by understanding our unique angle and how to clearly articulate our message
  • At least a decade of aligned experience, demonstrated with case studies. 

Marketing Goals

  1. Fill Events (Serve as entry point for our consulting and educational services)
  2. Build Brand Awareness (make CLG household name) 
  3. Create opportunities for speaking (keynotes, interview, podcasts)

Marketing Challenges

  1. Reaching our target demographic 
  2. Conversion to events + services
  3. Current lack of analytics tracking 
  4. Designing attractive social media content on an ongoing basis

Marketing Assets

  1. Content that is highly praised in our industry and beyond
  2. Large library of multimedia content to be redistributed and repackaged
  3. Happy customers who sing our praises
  4. A budding niche that is growing in popularity rapidly

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership (best-selling book)


Marketing Strategy

We are interested in a firm that can take us through a proven process to ensure our brand strategy, narrative, voice, target customers, ideal channels, and approach are well vetted and developed. We imagine that this will involve:

  • One-time up front to create a comprehensive marketing plan. 
  • Check-in quarterly (or as recommended as execution is underway) with key stakeholders to review metrics and refine strategy and tactics as needed.

We’re seeking a long-term partner to execute our marketing strategy across specific channels, mainly through proven digital marketing approaches. Current marketing tools and approaches include:

  • 2x/month newsletter
  • Daily social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Periodic campaigns
  • PR: Speaking, podcasts, interviews, high-level article placement
  • Metrics for all platforms (including Google Analytics and Search Console)


Up to $300,000 for Year 1 for: Strategy, Execution, and Advertising Spend.

Submission & Evaluation Process

  • Please submit questions to
  • Send proposals to Erica Schreiber
    Include case studies. 
  • We will review proposals as they come in.
  • We'll let you know if we'd like to schedule a follow-up conversation (or not).
  • As long as this page is up, we haven't yet hired anyone. We'll remove this page as soon as we have.

Conscious Leadership Brand Overview


We exist to support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.
The mission is fueled by the desire to reduce suffering on the planet. 

For Now…

For now, we support organizational leaders, then their circles of influence.
We envision expansion into related areas, like conscious leadership in the home.

Our Ideal Clients

Visionary pioneers who are willing to question the status quo, experiment, take risks, have a desire to contribute, and share the sense that there’s a more enlivening, authentic, and sustainable way to live and lead. 

Our Audience

Lifelong learners when it comes to transformation, personal growth, and peak performance. They possess lead through innovation and to innovate through leadership.

We Provide

Coaching and consulting, lead forums, certify coaches, speak, and write. 

We Create

More energy, deeper connection, increased creativity, confidence, awareness, presence, engagement, love, and sustainable transformation.

We Value

Radical Responsibility / Curiosity / Authenticity / Integrity / Play / Ease

We Believe

You always have choice / You create your reality / In the power of play / Suffering is optional / Being human is being messy / In telling the truth

We do all of this while easefully making more than enough money to do everything we want to do.

Conscious Leadership

It begins with you.

We recommend starting with these three steps:

Are you prepared?

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